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The Bell Huey II
Setting the standards others aspire to.


The Huey II Modernization Program is the only OEM approved UH-1H performance up-grade available today. The Huey II combines all new commercial dynamic components with the reliable Honeywell T53-L-703 engine, leading to an increase in hover performance of nearly 275% in hot conditions. In addition, the Huey II up-grade increases the max gross weight to 10,500 lbs, while lowering direct operating cost by nearly 30%.


With a fielded fleet of over 150 aircraft operating in more than 10 countries, it becomes apparent that the Huey II is the preferred multi-mission, utility platform. BellAero's US Helicopter facility in Ozark, Alabama has become the Huey II 'Center of Excellence', having installed over 90% of all Huey II kits to date. In addition to the kit installation, US Helicopter completely refurbishes the UH-1H basic airframe, provides a complete re-wire package, up-dates the Avionics, and offers a comprehensive selection of mission-specific kits and customizing.


So whether your mission is troop transport into high altitudes, medical evacuation in hot desert conditions, or VIP transport to and from remote bases, choose the affordable helicopter with the reputation for safety, reliability, and performance...choose the Huey II.


Huey II Specifications




240 km/hr; 130 kts

Max Cruise

212 km/hr; 115 kts

Max Gross Wt.

4762 kg; 10,500 lbs


469 km; 253 nm

IGE Hover (MGW)

3660 m; 12,000 ft

OGE Hover (MGW)

1710 m; 5,600 ft

Service Ceiling

16,000 ft +



Required Crew




Cargo Hook Capacity

2268 kg; 5000 lb

Fuel Capacity

799 liters; 211 gal

Max Endurance

2.8 hrs (no aux fuel)


Cost of Operation

~30% lower Direct Operating Cost than UH-1H

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