Doug Stewart

Douglas Cornell Stewart, Jr. (1973-2006)

Douglas Cornell Stewart, Jr., was born July 5, 1973, in Provo, Utah. He committed suicide in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 8, 2006, exactly 30 years to the day his grandfather committed suicide. Douglas was 32.

Douglas was a gifted cellist, and was a Utah Sterling Scholar in music. He served an honorable mission for the LDS Church starting in the Hamburg Germany Mission and finishing in the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission. Shortly after his mission, he married in the temple, but after a year of marriage he divorced his wife, came out to his family and friends, and became actively involved in the fight for homosexual rights.

Doug received his BA degree in Philosophy from Whitman College, in Walla Walla, Washington. He loved history, art, politics, animals, and nature, and was an avid reader. He is remembered for his sense of humor, his keen intellect, his compassion, and his winning smile.

He is survived by his parents, four sisters, and three brothers.

In 1998, Doug was one of the presenters at the Affirmation conference held in Portland, Oregon. At that time he was 25.

Doug's maternal grandfather was Carlyle D. Marsden, a gay Mormon who took his life in 1976.

Doug was dearly loved by his family, and will be missed greatly. A graveside service, for family and friends, was held March 14th, 2006, at the Tonaquint Cemetery.

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