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Check out daily software feeds from popular social bookmark and freeware sites, such as:, blinklist, furl,,,, freewarearena, and fileforum.betanews to the software newsfeeds section offers daily updates of hundreds of pages which list thousands of freeware alternatives to expensive software for Windows. Every software program listed on this site is freeware. All of the applications listed here were personally selected -- and to the best of our knowledge contain no spyware or malware of any kind. Should you come across any listing which you find dodgy, then please tell us. On the navigation menu to the left, there are also links to our own software.

Have a look around the various directories on the site as well, as there are regular additons to the site which do not make it onto this main page. Also, please feel free to check out our large selection of system utilities!

what is

The objective of is primarily to provide you with a massive directory of freeware and complete freeware collection. All additions are hand picked and selected, and the only ones chosen are known to be spyware and malware free, and do not breach any copyright laws or other illegitimate activities. Also, you will not find any sort of illegal files on this site either.


what isn't

Since is a freeware directory and freeware collection, it isn't a download site, or archive or freeware repository. We do not accept file submissions because of this. The goal/mission of this site is just to provide a comprehensive reference for someone who might be obsessively looking for a particular piece of software, which might well not be found in other places or search engines.


why don't you rate freeware?

There are many sites out there which allow the users to submit their ratings of particular experiences with specific software. For this site, with its purpose/focus, I feel it sometimes ends up being counter-productive, as many users will rate their experiences based on purely subjective, anecdotal criteria. Add to this, matters of taste are a very particular thing, and when dealing with a wide variety of operating systems and configurations, user experience can vary dramatically from user to user. Again the old saying comes to mind,
"De gustibus non disputandum est".

I would rather err on the side of just providing the resources and their locations on the internet, and letting the end users decide what is best for them. Quite often with conflicting reviews, the user who came to a review site goes away more misinformed than when they first arrived. The best advice when looking for solutions which meet your own personal needs, is to absorb what is useful to you, and reject what is useless. Simply put, I have lots of applications on my machine just because they are best for me; I don't necessarily care if they are they most popular, or if somebody rated them high. Subsequently, I have used highly rated applications before, and been disappointed. Again, taste is a very personal thing.

Plus, add to this the fact that I would never knowingly add any software to this site which contained any sort of malware, spyware or similar nonsense. Sometimes however, good programs can go bad. If you should come across anything like this contact me.


who runs this site? is run by one person, out of Ontario, Canada.


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