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Date:         Thu, 28 May 1998 09:52:30 -0500
Reply-To:     Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group <NAUSICAA@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
Sender:       Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group <NAUSICAA@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
From:         Robert Brooks <robertb@GEOCITIES.COM>
Subject:      "Reverts to witchcraft" (was Re: Can Disney Succeed?)
In-Reply-To:  <3573b788.11389252@mail.clark.net>
At 01:03 AM 05/28/1998 GMT, Bruce Franklin wrote:
>BTW, you might want to look at this:
The above URL, a press release from an outfit calling itself the "Concerned
Women for America", is so ludicrous that no rational person could possibly
take it seriously.  However, as has been noted before, the US media are
notorious for giving such non-stories a life of their own (re: Simba's
dust, Ariel's preacher, etc).  Compounding the damage is the usual painting
of anime as "risque and warlike".
I'm going to go ahead and send the text of this short release to the list,
if only to prevent this crackpot fringe group from recording any hits on
their server logs.
------- ludicrous message follows -------
          Disney Reverts to Witchcraft in Japanese Animation
     In a recent article, (New York Times, 2/1/98) the Walt Disney Company
announced "Kiki's Delivery Service," a Japanese animated film would be
released directly to video. The film represents Disney's cautious entry
into Japanese animation which is best known for anim=E9 (the risqu=E9 and
warlike corner of Japanese animation that has become hugely popular in
video stores.)=20
     By importing samples from the vast selections of child-oriented
animation from Japan, Disney may well clear shelf space for all kinds of
work from Japan. "They'll bring anim=E9 into the mainstream," according to
Greg Forster, marketing director for Manga Entertainment. (New York Times,
2/1/98) There is no sex and no violence in "Kiki's Delivery Service," but
rather witchcraft. Kiki, a primary character in "Kiki's Delivery Service"
is a "good" witch who performs "good" deeds. Disney secured the rights to
"Kiki's Delivery Service" in addition to seven other animated films by
Hayao Mizazake.=20
     So beware. The Disney Company is still not family friendly, but
continues to have a darker agenda. The Walt Disney Company has been known
for weaving witchcraft into major movies such as Escape from Witch
Mountain, Fantasia, and Peter Pan to name a few. Disney does not promote
family values, but rather promotes such behavior as divination and entices
your children to practice it.=20
     Let Disney know that you do not approve of their so called "family"
image. Join Concerned Women for America in boycotting Disney. For more
information, view our policy paper on The Tragic Kingdom.  And, join
Concerned Women for America in boycotting The Disney Company and all of its
subsidiaries. Write to Disney CEO Michael Eisner to tell him you don't
appreciate the anti-family direction Disney is going!=20
     Chairman Michael Eisner=20
     The Disney Company=20
     500 South Buena Vista Street=20
     Burbank, California 91521=20
     To view a list of Disney subsidiaries or see our sample letter.=20
------- end ludicrous message -------
They couldn't even spell Miyazaki-san's name correctly!  Not that I'm any
better at this, myself. ;)
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