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The Offspring
Couldn't find pic of The Offspring but found album cover

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  Song  First Seen  Highest position    Avg Position    No. weeks    Graph Key  
Self Esteem25/02/199537433 
Gotta Get Away19/08/199543562Not Shown
All I Want01/02/199731462 
Gone Away26/04/199742421Not Shown
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)30/01/199912811 
Why Don't You Get A Job?08/05/19992328 
The Kids Aren't Alright11/09/199911416 
She's Got Issues04/12/199941552Not Shown
Original Prankster18/11/20006368 
Want You Bad31/03/200115409 
Million Miles Away07/07/200121444 
Hit That31/01/200411397 
(Can't Get My) Head Around You05/06/200448481Not Shown

  Album    Highest position    Avg Position    No. weeks    Graph Key  
Greatest Hits14233 

Total Weeks: 67
Highest Position: 1
Avg Peak Position: 23
Avg Position: 2
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