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16th February 2007


ell, finally got some glasses. Unfortunately, they're only for TV, which I hardly ever watch anyway, so they're of limited use. Still, they're better than nothing I guess, and I've abother appointment with an optician in a few weeks, so fingers crossed.

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Browser Detection

Programming , PHP , Web
21st January 2007

Just added some browser detection code in PHP (here), based on the Ultimate Javascript Sniffer thingy. Its quick and sufficiently comprehensive (meaning it won't detect absolutely everything, just whats necessary. Enjoy.


Programming , Humour , PHP , Misc , Web , Javascript
3rd January 2007

I crave backlinks. Well not quite, but if you find the code here useful in some way (all or some), be so kind and link back to me. Or even better, my other site, http://www.websupportsolutions.co.uk. Thanks.

Here's some information on how to do it.

Windows Key Shortcuts

5th November 2006

Everyone wonders what the windows key does or can do. Well, perhaps not. Perhaps those of us who do, need to get out a little more often, meeet some women, get laid etc. Anyway, heres a list of what it can do, if combined with the correct key. Bonza.


Programming , PHP , Web
23rd October 2006


k, so I grossly underestimated what was necessary for the conversion tool. I've taken it offline, though it'll be back, jut as soon as soon as I can work out what is required. Oops.


PHP , Misc , Web
20th October 2006


ust added a converter for just about anything to anything. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here...


7th October 2006


o I've turned off comments, and forgot how to use the route command. Doh. If you know how to use this command, and would be so kind, email me at richardh@phpguru.org.Thanks.

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