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Enisey - add-in to SQL Server Management Studio
By Gleb Ufimtsev.

This add-in to SSMS expands the functionality of SSMS. One new menu item "Script Data" appears on each table. Clicking on the item begins a process of scripting data and forming INSERT-statements
Windows, .NET (.NET 2.0)
Win32, SQL (SQL 2000, SQL 2005), VS (VS2005), COM, ADO.NET
DB, Dev
Posted: 9 Jun 2006
Updated: 9 Mar 2007
Views: 19,985
Note: This is an unedited reader contribution  

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"Enisey" is data scripter add-in to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). One expands the functionality of SSMS and allows to script data from any tables into a choosen ".sql" file in the view of INSERT statements. It is one .NET 2.0 assembly, registered as COM-object and registered as SSMS addin. The sources contain also setup project for building the full-fledged setup file. Because the project is a plugin, the full built distributive is shipped instead of demo-project. It is prepared for the use. Just install it and you can see a new context menu item "Script Data" inside SSMS on each table.

The project supports SP2 for MSSQL 2005 now!

Before there were problems after applying SP2. This is fixed.

If there are problems with references to some MS assemblies, usually it is because of chosen non-default installation folder for MSSQL2005. Those assemblies are placed on the same folder as SSMS utility is placed. Just find the assemblies and reset the references.

The project is not meant for SSMS Express Edition. Such addin for SSMS Express can be written too, there are possibilities for this. But as there are some incompatibilies, addins for SSMS and SSMS Express must be in different projects.

About Gleb Ufimtsev

Expert level in MSSQL and T-SQL

Primary languages are C#, Delphi, VB, ASP, VBScript

Any suggestions and job offers are welcome.

Click here to view Gleb Ufimtsev's online profile.

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  Nice job. Suggestion for new feature
 jab_packerfan 11:24 15 Mar '07 
  Error message
 zhaojicheng 10:21 10 Mar '07 
  SP2 is supported now
 Gleb Ufimtsev 12:51 9 Mar '07 
  No menu item found
 willis3103 0:08 23 Feb '07 
  Re: No menu item found
 Gleb Ufimtsev 8:29 23 Feb '07 
  Errors in SQL Server 2005 SP2
 tbim 13:53 22 Feb '07 
  Re: Errors in SQL Server 2005 SP2
 Gleb Ufimtsev 14:22 22 Feb '07 
  Re: Errors in SQL Server 2005 SP2
 tbim 8:31 23 Feb '07 
  Adding MenuItem Problem
 devnet247 4:48 13 Feb '07 
  adding it to SSMS
 gordingin 10:51 24 Jan '07 
 Dan Avni 9:36 21 Jan '07 
  Re: sp1
 Gleb Ufimtsev 9:51 21 Jan '07 
  Suggested functionality
 rcoetech 16:03 10 Jan '07 
  Re: Suggested functionality
 Gleb Ufimtsev 9:55 21 Jan '07 
  Error with Addin
 dotnetsql2 16:10 20 Dec '06 
  Re: Error with Addin
 Gleb Ufimtsev 6:08 21 Dec '06 
  Re: Error with Addin
 devnet247 10:28 21 Dec '06 
  Re: Error with Addin Solved [modified]
 devnet247 10:55 24 Dec '06 
  Re: Error with Addin Solved
 Gleb Ufimtsev 9:49 21 Jan '07 
 devnet247 17:17 10 Dec '06 
  Re: Fantastic
 Gleb Ufimtsev 2:07 11 Dec '06 
  Error with dummy user
 makkait 10:28 21 Nov '06 
  Re: Error with dummy user
 Gleb Ufimtsev 2:23 11 Dec '06 
  Current Document Connection
 Steve Schaneville 1:43 15 Nov '06 
  Re: Current Document Connection
 Steve Schaneville 3:02 15 Nov '06 
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