The Sandler Center for Basic Research in Parasitic Diseases (SCBRPD) establishes a consortium of Core laboratories to support development of new drugs for global parasitic diseases largely ignored by the pharmaceutical industry.  Our specific focus is to provide a drug development pipeline from target discovery to clinical trials to fill a gap normally addressed in the industrial sector.  To do this we have invested in both equipment and personnel to activate Core laboratories in Combinatorial and Parallel Chemical Synthesis, Genomics and Proteomics, Parasite Biochemistry and Cell-Based Screens, Animal Models of Disease, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Computational-based Drug Design, and Structural Biology. These Cores represent the major “divisions” or “operational cores“ that would characterize a small- to medium-sized drug company.  The success of our endeavor has come in large part from the expertise of the Core Directors including individuals who pioneered technologies used widely in drug development today.  In other cases, we have recruited individuals with industrial experience to provide a special expertise and vision not normally found in academic centers.

Sandler Center for
Basic Research
in Parasitic Diseases

University of California, San Francisco

Animal Models and Culture Screens (Engel/Doyle/Rosenthal)
Biochemistry (Caffrey/Sajid)
Drug Metabolism Computational Core (Sali/Shoichet/Jacobson)
Genomics/Proteomics (Derisi/Medzihradsky/Fisher)
High Throughput Screening (Wells/Williams/Renslo)
Structural Biology (Brinen)
Synthetic Chemistry (Taunton/Wells)Renslo)
(SRI Miralis/Benet)
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