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"I would have liked to kick back with Edward Woodward and talk Wicker Man," says Wright, "but there just isn't much of what I call anecdote time. We don't even have lunchbreaks for God's sake!"

The 11-week shoot, commencing in March 2006, was, according to Wright, "intense and exhausting". Featuring a lot of location work in "rural UK-fordshire" (as Pegg puts it), particularly in Wells, Somerset, the smallest city in England where Wright grew up.

"It makes me nostalgic," says Wright, "for rainy Sunday afternoons where I'd stay in and play with my ZX Spectrum. Never would I have thought that I'd be standing here making a major film, standing in the pissing rain."

The legendarily awful British weather was indeed a severe hindrance, costing the production lost shooting time that amounted to several days. "There's a good reason why not many action films are made in the UK," Wright dourly comments. "And the rain is definitely one of them."

Despite soggy setbacks, the shoot came in on time and on budget (just about), and promises to be every bit as good, if not better, than Shaun Of The Dead. "I've only seen a rough cut of it," enthuses Pegg, "and I was blown away by it; I was in a daze for days." Wright, too, is optimistic. "The script is written for Simon and Nick and their chemistry as a double-act. If you liked Shaun Of The Dead, you'll definitely like this. And, if the film doesn't make the police helmet cool, nothing will."

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Matthew De Abaitua
Posted 22 March 2007, 11:51 AM
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