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"No expense seems to have been spared when selecting the superior materials from which their bags are composed." --
Judie Hughes of the Gadgeteer



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Fit List
Buy the Super Ego:
Pick a color (Main Body/Front Insets/Lining)
Pick a strip color (Removable strip down the front)
Add a second strip for $5.00
Add a seat belt buckle to your first or second strip for $10.00
Add a Brain Cell for $50.00 - $55.00
Add a Cat Eye Reflector for $12
Add gift wrap and card for $5.00?
Add to list
In stock. Ships within one business day.

*Exception: The following products are temporarily sold out and are available for backorder.

*The Super Ego in colors Black/Black/Steel, Black/Steel/Deep Blue, Black/Hunter/Steel, and Black/Black/Olive ships mid-April. All other colors are in-stock.

*The Size 2XL Brain Cell in colors Deep Blue and Black ships late March.

*The Size 5 Brain Cell in colors Wasabi and Black ships early April.

*The Size 2S Horizontal Brain Cell is available for pre-order now and ships in early May.

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More Information:
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The Super Ego Strips
A tiger can't change its stripes, but a Super Ego can.

The Super Ego's front flap closes with a 2" wide heavy-duty plastic Duraflex Warrior buckle that attaches to the bag with an interchangeable strip of hook and loop material (like Velcro®).

Click here to see a picture of all available strip colors and materials.

One Duraflex Warrior buckle strip comes with your Super Ego. You can order additional Duraflex Warrior buckle strips for $5.00 each. (Additional strips can be ordered here.) The Duraflex Warrior buckle strip weighs 1.1 ounces.

You can also choose a strip that has a real seatbelt buckle instead of the Duraflex Warrior buckle. The seatbelt buckle strip is $10.00 extra and weighs 5.6 ounces. Because the seatbelt buckle is custom made in the color of your choice, orders for strips with the seatbelt buckle may take up to one extra business day to ship.

The Super Ego strip is designed to be easily swapped with different strips so that you can customize the Super Ego to fit your style or even your mood. Strips are available in the following colors and materials: Reflective, Black, Kelly, Steel, Crimson, Navy, Plum, Wasabi, Cork, Snow Leopard Ultrasuede, Deep Blue, Sapphire, Blue Gliter, Grey Glitter, Galvanized, Cocoa, and Olive.

Four limited edition strip colors/fabrics are currently available: Mod Italian, Yellow Vinyl, Gold Bamboo, and Crimson Bamboo.

You can be basic (stick with Black, or a color that matches the front flap of your Super Ego), wild (Snow Leopard Ultrasuede Strip on a Black/Hunter/Steel Super Ego), or somewhere inbetween (Cork Strip on a Black/Crimson/Steel Super Ego). The color possibilities are endless.

If you get a new job or have a mid-life crisis, you don't have to get a whole new bag: just a new strip. We will be coming up with other unusual fabrics/colors in the future — stay tuned.

StrivingTowardsPerfection:Super Ego

Mouse over the links to see different views.
Black/Steel/Reflective Strip - Black/Crimson/Steel Strip - Black/Kiwi/Olive Strip -
Black/Black/Wasabi Strip - Seat Belt Buckle - Back -
Under Flap - Current Strips - Limited Edition Strips

See the Super Ego 360 degree image.

Distinguished by an interchangeable strip, the Super Ego is a large messenger bag bigger than both the ID and Ego messenger bags. If you need to carry a big laptop and/or a ton of stuff, the Super Ego is the right bag for you.

On the front flap of the Super Ego is an interchangeable strip of fabric available in over 19 different colors and materials that allows you to customize the color combination of your bag. One strip is included with your Super Ego, and extra strips are available to fit your changing styles or even your mood. For more information on the strips, check out the grey shaded box on the left side of this page.

The Super Ego rides your shoulder with 2"-wide heavy-nylon webbing and has a 1/2"-thick foam pad girded by a non-slip fabric on the underside.

Under the front flap, on both the right and the left, are YKK #8 Uretek "splash-proof" zippered pockets that are accessible with the flap open or closed. On top of these zippered pockets are two open-top wallet sized pockets. All zippered pockets on the Super Ego feature strong, easy-to-grab zipper pulls. On either side of the zippered pockets are small stretch-mesh pockets with an open top that are great for storing pens.

Behind the zippered pockets is a large open pouch that spans the width of the bag and features organizer pockets for your pens, PDA, iPod, and wallet as well as a key snap for your keys on both the left and right sides of the pouch.

Behind the front flap and pouch is the zippered main compartment, so you don't have to un-buckle the main flap closure to access your laptop and other stuff. This large compartment closes with a #10 YKK Uretek "splash-proof" zipper and comes with removable Annex clips inside designed to secure all sizes of the optional Horizontal Brain Cell hard-sided laptop case against the back panel of the bag. The Horizontal Brain Cell is available in nine different sizes and provides the ultimate in laptop protection with soft, thick foam padding, hard, corrugated plastic walls, and a suspension system. Note that the Super Ego is the only bag large enough to house the Size 2XL Brain Cell, designed for large 17" PC laptops. We recommend using our Laptop Bag Fit Guide to determine which size of Horizontal Brain Cell is right for your laptop.

The back and bottom of the main compartment of the Super Ego are padded, and they are the perfect place for your files or books.

On the left and right sides of the bag are unobtrusive water bottle pockets; they have compression straps so you can snug them down when not in use.

The back exterior of the Super Ego features an open flat back pocket perfect for even the thickest magazines or newspapers, and a removable 1 1/2" webbing waist strap for extra stability when you're on your bike (motor or push).

The handle is constructed of Ballistic nylon - wrapped around high-quality, 0.5" thick Poron® foam — with a "just right" center of gravity so that you'll carry the Super Ego as effortlessly as a typical briefcase.

For added visibility when using the Super Ego while on your bike, we offer the optional Cat Eye™ reflector which can be attached to the front of the bag on one of the webbing strips that secure the interchangeable front strip in place.

A smaller version of the Super Ego called the Ego is also available.

The Super Ego turns into a protective laptop messenger bag with the addition of our Brain Cell hard-sided laptop case. Consult our Laptop Bag Fit Guide to find out which size of Brain Cell is the right fit for your laptop.
Swappable front strip available in 19 different colors allows you to continually customize the color combination of your Super Ego.
Volume: 27 liters / 1680
Super Ego w/plastic buckle: 2lb, 10.65 oz.
Super Ego w/seatbelt buckle 3 lb., 3.1 oz.
Dimensions: 17" x 14.5" x 6.75" / 370mm x 435 mm x 175 mm
#8 and #10 YKK Uretek splash-proof zippers.
Made in the Tom Bihn Factory in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
More Stuff:
Horizontal Brain Cell: $50.00
It took three years to design this briefcase; you'll appreciate why.
Empire Builder: $150.00
ID: $130.00
Nikwax: $11.50
Jimi: $14.00
Ego and Super Ego Strips: $5.00
The Ego: $130.00

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