Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Return to Tampa - Return to London

I'm relaxing in the thumping of the Spring Break in Miami. Windy, rainy, but nobody cares. The rescheduled Tampa show is tomorrow.

For those of you who may feel we should have reschedule our cancelled shows in Mexico and San Antonio I'm afraid this is not possible as we have a show in London next weekend. Then a European tour. I hope everyone who bought tickets is properly compensated. If not contact and let us know what's happening.

There has been talk of an extension of the current tour in the USA through August. Under the present uncertain circumstances I have decided it might be better to abandon this plan, and get the European shows behind us first. I'm sorry to have raised the hopes of some fans in Vegas and the Northeast, but all good things must come to an end.

As I mentioned above, the Who do have an important show as soon as we get home, at the Royal Albert Hall to close the week of events to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. This is a wonderful way for us to return home, we are sure of a welcome, and it is our favourite cause.