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Rio MP3 Players

The pioneers of portable digital audio are still one of the top dogs

Rio has always been a major name in the MP3 player market. In 1999, Rio was the first manufacturer to release a portable digital audio player in the form of the Rio PMP 300. The PMP 300 MP3 Player will go down in history as being the world's first portable MP3 player.

It is very safe to say that Rio knows a great deal about portable audio. Rio MP3 players are among the most innovative on today's market and are always a safe purchase. Rio's hard drive MP3 players are surprisingly compact given their storage capacity and extra built-in features. The Carbon, Karma and Nitrus models are top contenders in the hard drive player market today.

Rio has always understood that there are different types of consumers that buy their products. Rio MP3 players are designed to accommodate for active sports users, serious audiophiles, and everyone in between.

Given that Rio was a true pioneer in this industry, the brand name has been able to survive the onslaught of the Apple iPod and other top brands that have taken their chunk of the "pie", so to speak. Rio consistently delivers top-quality products and is certainly worth looking to if you are looking for a quality MP3 player.

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