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Rambagh Gardens Agra

The Rambagh Gardens in Agra, a beautiful Mughal pleasure Garden, are located 3 Km from the Tomb of Itimad ud Daulah and 500 m from the Chini Ka Rauza. You can visit the lovely Rambagh Gardens in Agra, on tours to Agra with Agra Hub.

The Mughal Emperors of India, were very influenced by their Persian background. In Persia, the pleasure garden is an important part of the landscape of every city. The Mughal emperors introduced the same concept in India. In Islam, the garden is considered a representation of Paradise, a word derived from pairidesa, which means land of fairies. Devout Muslims should not only aspire to reach paradise but should strive to create its likeness on earth. Therefore the Mughal Emperors laid out many beautiful gardens to create a paradise within their kingdoms. You can see the beautiful Rambagh Gardens in Agra, on tours to Agra with Agra Hub.

The Rambagh Gardens in Agra or the Bagh-i-Gul Afshan as they are also known, were created by the founder of the Mughal Empire, Babur. Nur Jahan, the Mughal Empress and wife of Jahangir made further additions to the Rambagh Gardens. The garden is laid out in the charbagh pattern, with four main divisions made by paths and waterways. Water is an important part of the Mughal gardens, since water is considered the source of life. Water from the Yamuna River, flows over 3 terraces in a series of cascades. Stairs on either side of the water channels, fountains, an island platform and two pavilions on either side of the main water channel, are added attractions of the Rambagh Gardens Agra, which you can see on tours to Agra with Agra Hub.

It is believed that Babur was buried briefly in the Rambagh Gardens before being entombed in his grand mausoleum at Kabul. The Rambagh Gardens in Agra are a historic and beautiful sight that you'll enjoy seeing on tours to Agra with Agra Hub.

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