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Computer Systems Section
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Science
De Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Section Head
Prof. dr. Andrew Tanenbaum
Room: P4.64
Tel: +31 20 5987780
E mail:
Fax: +31 20 5987728


The Computer Systems Section does research and teaching in the areas of distributed systems, advanced Internet applications, parallel programming, scientific visualization, and related areas. We also do research on interactive intelligent distributed systems and multiagent systems. We have 13 faculty members and numerous postdocs and Ph.D. students. We take part in the ASCI, the Advanced School for Computing and Imaging, which offers graduate courses to our Ph.D. students and opportunies for the senior researchers to meet. We also take part in SIKS, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems, The hyperlinks provided above will introduce us to you and tell you more about our work.

The Section has a 72-node cluster computer for its own research. Each node consists of two 1-GHz Pentium IIIs configured as a two-way shared memory multiprocessor, for a total of 144 CPUs. Of the 72 nodes, 70 have 512 MB of RAM; the other two have 2 GB each for doing experiments where large memories are needed. All the nodes are connected by a fast Myrinet network. The entire cluster is connected by a wide-area network to similar systems at other universities participating in ASCI. For more information about this system, called DAS-2 (Distributed ASCI Supercomputer), click here.

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