Dun Central Station (DCS) was originally the brain child of Gerald (Jerry) Hess of The Lineback Morgan Stud, created as a means of educating the general Morgan community on the dun dilute gene within the Morgan breed. As with all grand ideas, DCS began to take on a life of its own. It gained great favor with other breeders and enthusiasts of the dun Morgan. Additionally, even fans of other breeds began to direct people to Jerry's web site for the wonderful, accurate information, and photographic examples of dun colors and markings.

A small group of Morgan breeders/enthusiasts banded together in support of the concept of DCS. Because of their initial support and early contributions of photos, articles, etc., DCS has grown even more. The "Founders" of Dun Central Station were instrumental in the early stages of this web site. For this, they deserve a special "Thank You" from all of us who have an interest in the dun dilute colors in the Morgan breed, as well as those who seek well researched information about the dun dilute gene in general.

Founders of Dun Central Station:

Dun Central Station is dedicated to presenting the most accurate, thoroughly researched information on the dun dilute gene:

  • Presenting clear, close up photo examples of dun markings
  • Shades of dun dilute colors
  • Articles on dun colors and the one proven line of dun Morgans
  • Examples of counter shading markings, which "mimic" true dun markings
  • And more


Pendleton Buck Missy - smoky grulla mare

Honoring Pendleton Buck Missy
The foundation of all modern dun dilute Morgans.


Updated February 27, 2007


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Dun Markings: Adult Markings | Foal Markings
Look-A-Like Colors & Markings | Verified Dun Morgans

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