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Popup Image Gallery Version 4.2.3
For WordPress Version 2.0 and Above

If you have problems with this plugin please visit the support forum.
Problems raised in comments will no longer be published or answered.

To my surprise, I have been asked many times where the PayPal button is! So as I have costs the same as anyone else, I have added it below. Entirely optional of course!

Popup Image Gallery WordPress Plugin

Popup Image Gallery Version 4.2.3

August 2006

4.2.3: A few nice to haves here. The main one is by popular demand which is the ability to click on a thumbnail in slideshow mode to immediately display the selected image. Also for slideshows, you can now embed a link in the caption (see the Read Me file). Also, thanks to Thomas Gottron for pointing out that the plugin did not respect password protected pages! It does now.

4.2.2: A very small update that adds the ability to have random galleries (as well as random images) display on the sidebar via the template tag. This was a user requested feature. Other than that - no changes - so if you don’t need that - don’t worry about upgrading!

4.2.1: Corrects a PHP call I made that I now find is PHP v5 specific. Stupid of me! If you have not encountered the problem then you probably don’t need the update. It will only happen for zip files that are in a sub-folder.

Version 4.2

16th May 2006

A Little Piece Of The World

This is really my ’showcase’ site. Not only fantastic photographs created by a very talented young lady, but creative use of the gallery plugin showing just what can be done with a little care, planning and thought. Take a vist to A Little Piece of the World. You wont be disappointed.

The easiest way to explain and describe this plugin is to go look at it. Select the GALLERIES tab over on the left and make your choice. Most of the various options are covered in the galleries I have posted on this site.

New for 4.2
  • You can now optionally automatically resize main images as well as create thumbnails under either the zip upload or pre-loaded options
  • New slideshow transitions (crossfade and crosswipe) plus the option to turn transitions off
  • Optional text under slideshow control icons
  • Control gallery sequence in the optional Index Page and link list tags
  • Completely re-vamped admin pages (again!) and clean-ups
  • A couple of bug fixes and described in the readme file (in the zip)

The zip file comes complete with two guides - the Quick and Simple one pager and the Full Detailed PDF guide.

If you find a bug or need some specific advice with a problem then please use visit the support forum. NOTE: Problems raised in Comments will no longer be published or answered.

Feel free to say something nice or nasty in the comments section below as all feedback helps. I do prune old comments from time to time!

Popup Image Gallery WordPress Plugin
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Comment by David Ang


      2007-04-09 17:16:54


Thanks for the great plugin! Although there’s really 2 important feature I think you missed out:

1. Is there no way to upload individual files manually? This is when adding new images on a created gallery already - that is, a file field when adding new images, right now it only asks for the file names.

2. the thumbnails are resize by some preset values. Can we specify both thumbnail sizes and main image sizes?

thanks some feedback here will be greatly appreciated.

Response by Andy @ Yellow Swordfish


      2007-04-09 17:23:35

It’s old you know! Needs a re-write! Anyway - 1 - I just use FTP when I need to do this but basically I think the uploading is worth stripping out in the future as it can cause too many problems.
2 - thumbnails are sized to fit the grid you specify against the main image size t et the best fit. One of the major things that needs doing to this plugin is to abandon pre-sized thumbnails in favour of display time sizing - and that’s almost top of the list.

Pingback by Kalunite.net » Blog Archive » PopupGallery, now pageable


      2007-04-09 16:57:32

[…] of you may have used the PopupGallery available at Yellow Swordfish. In the last few days I made changes to it so that the hover gallery automatically becomes pageable […]

Comment by Marco Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-04-09 10:53:56

sorry, the link doesn’t work. That’s the right link:


Comment by Marco Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-04-09 10:50:46

I’m trying this great plugin on my wordpress based web site.
The problem is I always have a blank space among thumbnails. Here you can see an example:

Could anyone give me any help, please?
Thanks in advance for your attention.

Comment by Dustin


      2007-04-04 15:27:00

I was wondering a few things about the feature set of this plugin. This may be mentioned in the other comments but that list is quite long, so I will ask here.

Are there comments on the photos or groups? If not is this planned for future features?
Is there multi-user/multi-gallery support? Personally, I a looking for a 1 to 1 relationship, but I can’t speak for everybody else. Is this built in or are there plans for it?
Do you have screen shots of the admin page for me to get an idea of how it works?

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

Response by Andy @ Yellow Swordfish


      2007-04-04 17:14:30

Comments: You can use the comments subsystem if you have them tunred on for your gallery page(s)
Multi-user: I don’t know what you are asking really… multi-user what?
Screen Shots: there is a guide with the download that includes screen shots.

Comment by floppy Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-03-14 06:40:57

Never seen a gallery loading so slow !
Does it has to load all images before to show the main gallery’s page ?
I have a very fast connection and was waiting for looooong to se one of the gallery “A Little Piece of the World”.
Can’t you make it loading just the image that the user calls ???

Response by Andy @ Yellow Swordfish


      2007-03-14 11:40:27

It caches in slideshow mode pre-loading the next one until it has the set. Why do you think because YOU have a fast connection that everything is going to happen for you instantly? The internet doesn’t work like that and you would be foolish to think it does. All your ‘fast connection’ gives you is that small bit from your ISP to your PC. Both my site (which is running very slow recently) and ‘A little piece of the world’ are hosted at Dreamhost who seem, in recent weeks, to have lost the plot on performance and overloaded their servers with too many sites. Doesn’t matter how fast your connection is, you still have to wait for it to be served and that is where the blockage is. ALL of the pages served by A little piece of the world you will wait a loooooong time for. I’d go and do so some homework if I were you.

Response by floppy Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-03-17 16:23:45

I didn’t want to be impolite … I love your plugins and English is not my language. I just could not load the gallery at all .
Anyway , I have a site on Dreamhost either , so I know what you are talking about !!


Comment by Bob Powers Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-03-02 02:53:27

Hi: I”ve installed the plugin - have all the images in and showing in the Image Gallery…Edited each one and filled in the required fields. Chose one as the Index. ( didn’t get the index image)….had previously created and pre-selected the destination page(ID). Thought I was done. Hit Save..
Got nothing in the page….and the error msg.
Error - ALL Fields must be filled

But they are.

Any help or direction appreciated…This looks like a great plugin.. Just what I was looking for…
PS: checked for the (wp_head) hook in the header…wasn’t there by I added
just before the closing tag.

Thanks again.


Comment by Zury Asse Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-02-06 04:27:32

Thanks for the nice plugin. Only, I wish it was possible to opt for only main image display (no thumbnails) with slide-show controls on the bottom. That would be great!

Response by Andy @ Yellow Swordfish


      2007-02-06 11:41:36

Oh you should hunt around. There are many others and some, I think, do just that.

Response by Zury Asse Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-02-06 11:48:04

Believe me, I have hunt around, there seems to be no such thing. That’s why it would be great if yours could do it, specially because it is so simple and elegant. I know its strange but hunt around and you’ll see.


Response by Andy @ Yellow Swordfish


      2007-02-06 11:57:00

I’m surprised! It’s really rather easy to do and it would be a nice feature. My problem, at the moment is just time. Not enough :)
I was planning on re-writing the plugin over the next couple opf months but really can’t get to it until then. But I will certainly take this onboard.

Response by Zury Asse Subscribed to comments via email


      2007-02-06 20:42:14

Great news, thanks!

Comment by BKK-OZ Subscribed to comments via email


      2006-12-25 10:27:25

Thanx very much for this plug - I have used it here: and it worked just fine. I haven’t quite figured out how to get it to not block out my sidebar, but apart from that, it works nicely.



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