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Schweizer 300C

Schweizer 300C

Type (Muster)
Light helicopter (Einmotoriger Leichthubschrauber)

Country (Land)

Manufacturer (Hersteller)
Schweizer Aircraft Corp.
PO Box 147
Elmira, New York 14902

Phone: 001-607/739-3821
Fax: 001-607/796-2488

General (Allgemeine Angaben)
Crew (Besatzung): 1
Passengers (Passagiere): 1 or 2

Power plant (Antrieb): 1 x Textron Lycoming HIO-360D1A
Power (Leistung): 1 x 141 kW (190 shp) for take-off and maximum continuous
Fuel consumption (Kraftstoffverbrauch): 37,1 l at endurance speed.

Dimensions (Abmessungen)
Fuselage length (Rumpflänge): 6,76 m
Length overall, rotor turning (Länge über drehenden Rotor): 9,40 m
Height (Höhe): 2,65 m
Max. fuselage width (Rumpfbreite): 1,30 m
Width over skids (Breite über die Landekufen): 1,99 m
Main rotor diameter (Hauptrotordurchmesser): 8,18 m
Tail-rotor diameter (Heckrotordurchmesser): 1,30 m
Main rotor disk (Hauptrotorfläche): 52,49 sq m

Cabin length (Kabinenlänge): 1,5 m
Cabin width (Kabinenbreite): 1,44 m

Weights (Massen)
Empty weight (Leermasse): 499 kg
Useful load (max. Zuladung): 431 kg
Standard fuel (Kraftstoff): 32,5 gal (88 kg) plus 31,5 gal (86 kg) auxiliary capacity
Max. gross weight (Max. Startmasse): 930 kg
Max. take-off with external load (max. Startmasse mit Außenlast): 976 kg

Performance (Flugleistungen)
Max. speed (Höchstgeschwindigkeit): 176 km/h (95 kts) at sea level
Cruise speed (Reisegeschwindigkeit): 159 km/h (86 kts) at 770 kg or 146 km/h (79 kts) at 930 kg
Max. rate of climb (Steigrate): 6,6 m/s at 770 kg, or 3,8 m/s at 930 kg
Service ceiling (Dienstgipfelhöhe): 3660 m (12000 ft)
Hover ceiling (Schwebeflughöhe)
   - out of ground effect (ohne Bodeneffekt): 2800 ft at ISA, max. take-off weight
   - in ground effect (im Bodeneffekt): 6000 ft at ISA, max. take-off weight, 4000 ft at ISA + 20 deg C
Maximum range (max. Reichweite): 354 km, no reserves or 694 km with auxiliary fuel
Endurance (Einsatzdauer): 3.3 hrs or 6.5 hours with auxiliary fuel

Price (Kosten)
The Schweizer 300C sold for around 250000 US Dollars at the beginning of 2001, up from 223500 US-Dollars in 1998.
Direct operating costs were put at 72,31 US-Dollars per hour in early 2001, with fuel at 1,8 US-Dollars/gallon and labor costs at 37,5 US-Dollars/hour.

Customers (Kunden)
Schweizer has built over 750 Model 300s since taking over manufacture from Hughes in 1993. Among these over 600 are 300Cs, of which 18 were delivered in 2000. Previous year Model 300 deliveries were 23 in 1999, 17 in 1998, 15 in 1997, 20 in 1996, 22 in 1995, 35 in 1994, 40 in 1993, 39 in 1992, 78 in 1991, 83 in 1990, 69 in 1989, 45 in 1988, 43 in 1987, 27 in 1986, 32 in 1985, 11 in 1984.
Among known customers are the Police Departments of Lakewood (California), which has three, Baltimore and Kansas City.
The Swedish Army operates 16 Schweizer-built 300Cs and ten Hughes-built machines.

Competitors (Konkurrenz)
Enstrom 280
Robinson R22

Remarks (Bemerkungen)
The 300C is the current standard civil version of this light helicopter, used for a variety of tasks like law enforcement patrol, powerline control, training, photography, fish spotting, aerial applications and cattle herding. There are other versions available:
  • 300C Sky Knight with special fits for police operations.
  • TH-300C for military training
  • 300CB, a special offer for training with derated engine, less fuel, lightweight exhaust and some modifications to lower life-cycle costs. Maiden flight was on 28 May 1993, and certification was achieved in August 1995.
  • RoboCopter, an unmanned test helicopter developed by Kawada Industries in Japan. It was first flown in October 1996.
  • VTUAV, an unmanned helicopter entered in the US Navy UAV competition in cooperation with Northrop Grumman. It had ist first fully autonomous flight on 12 January 2000 at the China Lake Navy Base in California.

History (Geschichte)
The Schweizer 300C is a direct dependant of the Hughes Model 269 (TH-55A), which made its first flight in December 1969. After production of 2800 helicopters of all versions, licence production was transferred to Schweizer in July 1983. Manufacturing at Elmira-began in November 1983, and the first machine flew in June 1984.
Schweizer bought the entire programme in November 1986 from McDonnell Douglas. Since then over 750 more were built. The 250th was sold in November 1989, with the 500th handed over on 31. January 1994.
Total production of the Model 269 series and derivatives is now 3500 helicopters. The milestone aircraft (a 300CB) has been sold to Helicopter Adventures in Concord (California) and was displayed at Heli Expo in Las Vegas (January 2000).
The Schweizer 300C and 300CB became the first wersten helicopters to receive Ukrainian type certification on 18 January 2001. They meet AP-27, which is simular to FAR 27. Other states like Kazakhstan and Moldova have also accepted the Ukrainian certifiaction.

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