Media Studies student lands MTV presenter job

Kate Edmondson

University of Portsmouth final-year Media Studies student Kate Edmondson has landed a television deal to co-host the hit MTV show Totally Boy Band Live

Kate, 22, was chosen by the iconic youth music broadcaster after a rigorous selection process, and will co-host the new hit show with former cover girl model and rising TV star Emma Griffiths.

Kate's entry into the UK television industry has been spectacular. She cut her teeth in broadcast media working as a presenter for the University's student radio station Pure FM.

But she got her big break last year when she beat thousands of hopefuls in a nationwide talent search to present The Loaded Hour (sponsored by Loaded magazine) on freeview channel TMF (The Music Factory).

The TMF producers rated her highly and kept giving her jobs long after her Loaded Hour obligations were over. It wasn't long before MTV called with an offer.

'It has all happened very quickly,' Kate said from the MTV studios in London this week.

'It's one of those things - one lucky break can go a long way if you work hard and have the desire to be the best you can possibly be.'

But Kate said her supposed TV star life in London is far from glamorous.

'I live with my brother (CBBC presenter Matt Edmondson) and three other house mates. We do what most people do - go to work, come home, do the laundry and watch Lost on TV.

'It's not glamorous at all, but enjoyable all the same because I am doing a job I want to do, and I am meeting new and interesting people everyday as well as learning how the TV industry works from the inside.'

Kate said she never considered abandoning her final year in Media Studies.

'I decided that I would come back to the University of Portsmouth and finish my studies for two reasons - firstly, I only have a year left to do, and, secondly, having a university degree is important no matter how well I might be doing in TV right now.

'I have really enjoyed my Media Studies course, and I have learnt many valuable skills that have been useful in a very practical sense in my work now in the TV broadcast industry.'

Kate will return to her studies at the end of October after Totally Boy Band Live is over. She expects to continue her TV career while completing her final year at Portsmouth.

Kate's parents, Paul and Lesley Edmondson, both work for the University of Portsmouth at the School of Languages and Area Studies (SLAS). Lesley is a lecturer in English and Linguistics, while Paul is the SLAS Technical Services Manager.