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M.Johanns, Nebraska Gov."Your imaginative presentation sparked an enthusiastic response from the several hundred conference participants...on behalf of the State of Nebraska, thank you for your contribution to our efforts to ensure that our communities are involved in preventing youth violence."
Mike Johanns,
Governor of Nebraska

Hacker Middle School."Wanted to thank you for the information and inspiration that you provided during the past few days. I came away with a great respect for you and your organization."
Ernest W. Elliott
Hacker Middle School
Mountain Home, ID

Seminole Educ. Assoc."This workshop should be required of all teachers, teach assistants, school bus drivers and monitors, and school based administrators. The techniques you present and give opportunity to practice can make the difference between physical safety and the chance of serious injury for both employees and students."
Seminole Education

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NISWS enters distribution agreement for the
Bee Stranger Aware
life skills program.
Bee Stranger Aware package
NISWS and Mark Gurley & Assoc. have reached an agreement to distribute the Bee Stranger Aware program. The “Bee Stranger Aware: Parents Guide to Safety” kit, containing a 25 minute train-the-trainer DVD videodisc and instruction booklet, is available for immediate shipment. This low-cost package should be considered an essential component of the parenting sections in your elementary and middle school libraries.

The program provides the tools & training which give teachers and parents the confidence to teach children the basic life skill of dealing with strangers. The program is intended to be taught to children from toddlers to teens and requires no special skills or athletic abilities to master. It is entirely appropriate to teach to pre-schoolers.

Additional support materials, engaging graphics and professional presenters/trainers are available for Safety Fairs and staff development seminars. Shirts, baseball caps, banners, webpages & PSA videos are available to support local campaigns.

NISWS outperforms state run hotlines.

Despite the best of intentions, the statewide youth hotline in Florida received less than 125 calls in a full year of operation. An investigative article (Orlando Sentinel. Orlando, Fla.: Sept. 6, 2003. pg. B.1) confirms that throwing extra funding at the problem hasn't been the answer.

The NISWS hotline approach is more effective because it is fundamentally different from other youth hotlines. We believe the commitment, promotion and goals of the hotline must be focused on saving kids rather than making an arrest. It distinctly CANNOT be a 'zero-tolerance' program. Giving students a safe way to begin doing the right thing is an integral part of the NISWS 'character building' program.

Does our approach work? In a single one of the many school districts where we've set up a full hotline program, we have handled more calls than that state-run hotline in just half a year. Beyond the stronger numbers, those calls have also had results. Our objective is to find opportunities to save lives and futures - our methods work.

But those are only the most obvious differences. Contact us today to learn how your district can show it cares deeply about student welfare.

Remember, School and Workplace Safety
is everyone’s responsibility!

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