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7th Battalion,
The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
Royal Tank Regiment
United Kingdom 
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency. See the main regimental page(s) as linked below for more information.
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  Titles and Lineage English County Index
Alphabetic Index of Titles
  1860.01.10 15th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps
raised at Islington Square, Liverpool
  1865-1866 attached to 5th Lancs RVC
  1873 13th Lancashire RVC and 2nd Isle of Man RVC attached for drill and administration
  1881.07.01 volunteer battalion of The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
(ten companies, three of which at Bootle)
  1888.03.01 4th Volunteer Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
HQ at Shaw Street, Liverpool; 13th RVC became independent as 3rd Volunteer Bn
  1899 eleventh company raised
  1900-1902 volunteers found Volunteer Service Company for service with ? Bn in South Africa
  1908.04.01 7th Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
tranferred to T.F. with HQ at Shaw Street, Liverpool, absorbing 3rd Volunteer Battalion
  • A Company at Bootle
  • B Company at Bootle
  • C Company at Bootle
  • D Company at Bootle
  • E Company at Crosby
  • F Company at Bootle
  • G Company at Southport
  • H Company at Southport (det at Formby)
191u HQ moved to Bootle
  1915.03 1/7th Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
redesignated on formation of 2/7th Battalion
  1920.02.07 7th Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Bootle
  • A Company at ?
  • B Company at ?
  • C Company at ?
  • D Company at ?
  1938.07.22 40th (The King's Regiment), Royal Tank Corps
  1939.04 40th (The King's) Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment
  1939 formed duplicate 46th (Liverpool Welsh) Battalion, RTR
  1940? 40th (The King's) Royal Tank Regiment
  1947.01.01 reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Bootle
  • HQ Squadron at Bootle
  • A Squadron at ?
  • B Squadron at ?
  • C Squadron at ?
  1956.11.02 amalgamated with 41st (Oldham) Royal Tank Regiment, to form 40th/41st Royal Tank Regiment
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  Battle Honours Index of Battle Honours
Index of Wars

South Africa 1900-02

The Great War: [contributed to honours of parent regiment]

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  Colours, Standards and Guidons Introduction to Colours
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  Uniforms and Badges
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Uniform: scarlet; facings: blue
  Honorary Colonels Index of Royal Colonels
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1880.03.24 Maj-Gen. A. C. Robertson, CB
1887.12.17 Maj-Gen. William de Wilton Roche Thackwell, CB [Col. Dorsetshire Regt]
<1911-15> vacant
1920.08.07 Gen. Sir Charles Harington Harington, GCB, GBE, DSO [also Col. King's Regt, 4/15th Punjab Regt; Cmdt. Army Educ Corps; Gov. & C-in-C Gibraltar 1933-38]
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1947.06.03 Col. James Geoffrey Bryden Beazley, MC, TD
1952.06.03 Maj-Gen. George Warren Richards, CB, CBE, DSO, MC
1956.08.28 vacant? [to Nov. 1956]
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