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Wednesday, September 4 th 2002 
Daily newspaper "IL TIRRENO" 
Chronicle of Massarosa 
A torchlight procession to remember the Nazi slaughter of Pioppetti.
CAMAIORE It is time 16 o' clock of September four th 1944. Two German truck, one covered and the other open they are stopped to Montemagno, in place Pioppetti, on the Provincial road, to few meters of the road that it brings on the Pitoro mountain. The SSs push to earth 35 civilians. Someone tries of to run away but they are pulled down to hits of musket. Two women of Viareggio that from a window of a near house they saw the whole scene, they defined it frightening. The poor victims was pushed anywhere, they were supported to the trees and killed to shots of submachine-gun, while a soldier sat on a knoll was playing the accordion. Then the bodies were left dangling hung with iron thread and with a big poster with the writing in Italian "So the bandits end". In the same night the women of the place recovered the bodies. The victims, capture almost all some day first to the Chartreuse of Farneta, they had been withdrawn by a shed of Nocchi of the farm Graziani, transformed in a room of torture. In Nocchi it had center the command German SS of the general Max Simon that he was organizing the retreat toward the north. The slaughter of Pioppetti was an unheard of reaction of Simon (condemned to died by the Court British - note of the editing) that taking to pretext two facts: the first one a captain's killing German physician and of the wounding of his driver and the second, happened on September two to Pioppetti, an assault to a truck of the SSs where four soldiers died. These the victims that were identified: Marino Marlia, 29 years of Farneta; Alberto Coturri, 19 years in Florence; Adeio Mattioli, 37 years of St. Macario; Bruno Present, 36 years of Farneta; Luigi Lippi, 50 years of Farneta; Dante Vannucchi, 38 years of Nozzano; Giuseppe Bertolucci, 22 years of Santa Maria a Colle; Giuseppe Maffei, 19 years of Santa Maria a Colle; Deanna Giorgetti, 31 years of St. Macario; Ettore Gemignani, 35 years of Chiatri, Corrado Dini, 58 years of Camaiore; Bruno della Bidia, 30 years of Farneta; Gino Cosci, 40 years of Nozzano; Bruno Gori, 24 years of Bagni di  San Giuliano; Adriano Coturri, 33 years of Farneta; Carlo Bertolucci, 16 years of Santa Maria a Colle; Martino Andreuccetti, 38 years of Lucca; Michele Bl-tetti, 25 years of Rionero in Volturno, Bruno Paoli
and others 16 persons of which the identification was not possible. Finished the war in a path that brings to Montemagno were recovered the bodies of Lord De Oca, Bishop of Valenzia (Spain), and of the Prior Lord Martin Binz also together with the victims of Pioppetti to the Chartreuse. In memory of these martyrs the community of Montemagno, at 21 o'clock, it effects a torchlight procession to which the hilly area has also contributed tonight.
MercoIedì, 4 Settembre 2002
Una fiaccolata per ricordare la strage nazista di  Pioppetti 

CAMAIORE Ore 16 del quattro settembre 1944. Dué camion tedeschi, uno coperto e l’altro scoperto si fermano a Montemagno, in località Pioppetti, sulla via Provinciale, a pochi metri della strada che porta sul monte Pitoro. Le SS spingono a terra 35 civili.. Qualcuno tenta di fuggire ma viene abbattuto a colpi cli moschetto. Due donne di Viareggio che da una finestra di una casa vicina videro tutta la scena, la defmirono allucinante. Le povere vittime venivano spinte pn po’ ovunque, appoggiate agli alberi e uccise a raffiche di mitra, mentre un soldato seduto su un poggio suonava l’organetto. Poi i corpi vennero lasciati penzoloni appiccati con 11 filo di ferro con un grosso cartello con la scritta in italiano «Così fmiscono i banditi». Nella stessa notte toccò alle donne del posto recuperare i corpi. Le vittime, catturate quasi tutte qualche giorno prima alla Certosa di Farneta, erano state prelevate da un capaimone di Nocchi della fattoria Graziani, trasformato in una camera di tortura. A Nocchi aveva sede il comando tedesco SS del generale Max Simon che stava organizzando la ritirata verso il nord. La strage di Pioppetti fu una reazione inaudita di Simon (condannato a morte dalla Corte britannica -n.d.r) che prese a pretesto due fatti: il primo l’uccisione di un capitano medico tedesco e del ferimento del suo autista ed il secondo, avvenuto il due settembre a Pioppetti, un assalto ad un autocarro delle SS dove morirono quattro soldati. Queste le vittime che furono identificate: Marino Marlia, 29 anni di Farneta; Alberto Coturri., 19 anni di Firenze; Adeio Mattioli, 37 anni di San Macario; Bruno Presenti 36 anni di Farneta; Luigi Lippi, 50 annidi Farneta Dante Vannucchi, 38 anni di Nozzano; Giuseppe Bertolucci, 22 anni di Santa Maria a Colle; Giuseppe Maffei, 19 anni di Santa Maria a Colle; Deanna Giorgetti, 31 anni, di San Macario; Ettore Gemignani, 35 anni di Chiatri, Corrado Dini, 58 anni di Camaiore; Bruno Della Bidia, 30 anni di Farneta; Gino Cosci, 40 anni di Nozzano; Bruno Gori, 24 anni di Bagni di San Giuliano; Adriano Coturri, 33 anni di Farneta; Carlo Bertolucci 16 anni di Santa Maria a Colle; Martino Andreuccetti 38 anni di Lucca; Michele Bl-tetti, 25 anni di Rionero in Voi-turno, Bruno Paoli e altre 16 persone delle quali non fu possibile l’identificazione. Terminata la guerra in un sentiero che porta a Montemagno furono rinvenuti anche i corpi di Monsignor De Oca, Vescovo di Valenzia, e del Priore Monsignor Martino Binz anch’essi rastrellati insieme alla vittime di Pioppetti alla Certosa. In ricordo di questi martiri la comunità di Montemagno, alle 21, effettua stasera una fiaccolata alla quale ha contribuito anche la circoscrizione collinare. 
Viareggio, July 25th 2002

Departure Sergio Giancarlo Poli
Letter written by the widow of Sergio Poli to Dario Marlia
Dear All of You:
I just want to keep you updated on what arrangements are being made. I cannot write about anything else because I know how saddened we all are by Sergio's departure.
In any case:
Sergio had made arrangements to be cremated. That will happen on Monday. I will be able to say a last good-bye to him just before the cremation. I really need to do that. Him and I will say our good-byes to one another early Monday morning alone: it will be just him and I.
His burial will take place on Tuesday. He will be buried with full Military Honors (which he deserves in his own right, he won those!)  on Tuesday. He will be buried in Quantico's Military Cemetery, in the Honor
Section. 21 shots will be fired and the complete full Honor Ceremony is being arranged. George -our cousin- has specially requested he be the one to fold the flag that, after covering Sergio's remains, will be
given to me.
Sergio was entitled to be buried in Arlington. But -due to the traffic and so on- I decided to have him buried here, in Quantico. This will allow for me to come to him very frequently,. It is also a sacred ground
for heroes. And heroes are not made by where they are buried but by what
they have achieved during their lifetime on this earth.
I hope you are all in agreement with the arrangements we are putting together. I am convinced that Sergio deserves every single one of them.He has served this country with love, respect and bravery. There is no
doubt that he is a true hero.
Finally, I would like for all of you to know that, although I am the most sad I'll ever be in my life because of his departure, I treasure the years we have been together. We had our ups and downs....but I
cannot remember the downs!!! What I can undoubtedly say is that it is not only my husband and lover that has departed, but also my best friend and number one supporter.........among others.
I am at peace that every single one of his desires and wishes was implemented to the tilt. When he departed yesterday he did it peacefully and painlessly. He is my true and absolute hero: he fought bravely, with dignity and took whatever came his way without a single complaint. His attitude, his character and the way he faced it all are my sources of strength right now. I know he will be disappointed in me if I do not follow his example. And I cannot bear the thought of his being disappointed in me.
I will very much appreciate it if you let me know if there's anything else that you can think of that we can do for him, to honor him. He certainly earned and deserves the most admiration and respect.
Love to you all,
Friday, june 8th 2001

Thanks to Internet I have traced my relatives Marlia in France.

Our French cousins have come to find me in the days 3, 4 and 5 June;
I reserved them the same hotel that entertained Angela.  
Josiane Marlia with her daughter Christelle Boe 
Beatrice Marlia with her husband Frédéric Michel and their daughter Marina.

Their great-grandfather
Pietro Marlia was brother of my great-grandfather Lorenzo Marlia.
The Sunday afternoon we have been together, visited Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta. 
The following Monday we have gone to Nozzano, we have done a small greet to our cousin Orlando Marlia and we have been made some photos near the Castle of Nozzano.
Then, going through of side to the antiques WALLS of Lucca, has gone to Marlia, the Real Villa was closed (Monday is day of rest), we have made a small panoramic turn of the zone, we have crossed part of the road of the wine up to the village of Matraia, here we have stopped to look at the panorama of the valley and to make photos. 
To this point I was too tired and I have brought all to the hotel in Viareggio. 
The afternoon, with their auto they have visited Lucca and Pisa.
The day 5, meeting to the 9 of the morning in the hotel, we have gone on the sea   
for the photos to remember,  we are greeted us and they have departed for Florence. 
I have been well with them.
The sisters Marlia live to Marseille; Josiane has a shop of flowers, Frédéric is an electric technician in a big French company.

Friday, april 13th 2001

To make a voyage into the memory
There was once << the Merica >>, where the Lucchesi hoped for to do fortune. Thousand of lucchesi emigrated. Some succeeded in doing fortune, many disappeared in the nothing.
In the small chapel of Saint Maria of the Rotonda in Ducal Building has been inaugurated the show of the history of the emigration Lucchese.
Over ten thousand documents, photos and letters.Click to magnify

Between the so many histories of the emigration Lucchese detaches the life of a << self-made man >>
Zeffirino Silvestro Poli, the king of the cinema.
Zeffirino is born in Lucca December 31st 1859, to the 13 year-old age he emigrates in Paris, he returns in Italy to make the military service and in 1881 he emigrates in the United States. After a lot of adversities he transferred to New Haven and here he opened a Music Hall << Poli's Wonderland >> in this place he started to give the first shows of cinema, it was 1910.
Success immediately was great and he founded theatrical enterprises in the numerous American cities, to Bridgeport he had 5 theaters, in the 1929 sold all the theaters to the Fox for well 75 millions of dollars. Zeffirino Poli died in 1937 leaving an immense fortune.

Sunday, April 1st 2001

The "path of the mills": fascinating run in the green between buildings of the sixteenth century.
A run in the woods to visit the rests of three mills of the sixteenth century that up to last century they grinded chestnuts, wheat and corn. 
Information near the "Associazione Culturale Valleriana" - Plaza V. Veneto - Villa Basilica  
Industrial archaeology
Museum to open sky 

The sites of big interest are very many.
In locality Pracando, the marvelous paper mill "Antica Cartiera Luigi Nardi" still in good state of maintenance and the true museum propaedeutical of the production of the paper the paper mill Fratelli Birindelli; a kilometer before the fraction of Botticino the Paper mill Bianca that produced white paper for the Vatican.

A piece of history that changes. The Hotel Cavalieri of the Tau it changes ownership. 
The restaurant, that it is considered a historical and cultural patrimony of the country, will maintain the tradition: excellent restoration on the way Francigena in place " Teupascio ".  

The prestigious newspaper British "The Times" has devoted a flattering article on Barga and the journalist Adrian Mourby has invited the British citizens to visit this country.

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