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Featured MIVA Merchant Modules

Customize, extend and enhance the features of your ecommerce store with MIVA Merchant modules from - customer and admin friendly, highly recommended.
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latu's Volume Discount Pricing v5
Price: $69.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Encourage your customers to purchase more. Increase your sales with Volume Discount Pricing. Offer your customers multiple levels of volume discounts store-wide, by category, by selected products, and by individual product. Each volume discount can have an unlimited number of tiers, and the discount applied can be a fixed price that replaces the regular price, percentage off of regular price, or a fixed amount off of regular price. Discounts can be applied on attribute & option prices, and support is provided for price groups. more info & examples...
latu's - Customer Order History v5
Price: $59.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Customer Order History Available In-Store. Once a customer signs in to their account, they will have access to a listing of all previous orders and to the details of each order. This makes it easy for the customer to review their order history and reorder products. The module automatically archives the complete Order History which can be permanently kept in the store. An Order History Admin Utility is included for quickly finding and reviewing previous orders. more info & examples...
latu's Customizable Customer Confirmation Email v5
Price: $49.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Totally, Easily, Utterly, Completely Customizable Customer Confirmation Messages. Send customized HTML or text formatted order confirmation email messages to customers. Admin-friendly. Easily edit the message's template. More than 75 tokens available. more info & examples...
latu's - Printable Invoice v5
Price: $39.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Provide a professional, printer-friendly invoice for your customers. Easy to use. Secure. From the Invoice screen, customers can click on a link to display a well-formatted easy-to-print invoice. The module has multiple security features to prevent unauthorized access of order information. more info & examples...
latu's Wow Wow Widgets v5
Price: $79.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Wow Wow Widgets are blocks of easily customizable templates that are dynamically displayed on any MIVA Merchant 5 page. A widget can contain text, html, or MIVA Merchant's template scripting code. Widgets are flexible and reusable, can be easily edited and duplicated, and can be used to display dynamic content - including products, categories, and baskets - anywhere. An ingenious module that makes MIVA Merchant 5 even easier to customize and provides advanced, admin-friendly control of the contents and layout of your store's pages. more info & examples...
latu's Super Search with Extra Product Fields v5
Price: $79.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Give your customers the superpower to find the products they are searching for. Superior search capabilities and results for your Miva Merchant 5 store. Boolean-style search can be by any word (OR), all words (AND), or the exact phrase. Search results can also be limited to a specific category. Extra Searchable Product Fields can be added - with administrative control of which fields are searched. Integrated, admin-friendly product import and export. more info & examples...
latu's Metatags Helper v5
Price: $49.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Need to include metatags on your product and category screens? The Metatags Helper module gives you the ability of dynamically including unique metatags and page titles on all your product and category screens, assisting you in meeting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) objectives. Special Feature: Dynamically extracts metatag descriptions and keywords from the Product descriptions and Category headers. more info & examples...
latu's Require Customer Login v5
Price: $59.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Access to the store can be restricted, requiring customers to login (or create an account) before being allowed to browse the store. Admittance can be restricted for all store pages or for only the product-related pages. A great security module for wholesalers. The access restriction is handled at the system level, providing much more reliable security than can be achieved at the template level. more info & examples... Store Helper Module v5
Price: FREE
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Display a detailed, well formatted listing of local and global variables for any MIVA Merchant 5 page. more info & examples...
latu's Display Attribute-Option Prompts in Basket & Order v5
Price: $39.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 5.x
Are your customers having difficulty interpreting the attribute and options codes that are displayed in their basket? This module gives you the ability of displaying descriptive prompts in place of the codes, making it much easier for your customers to know what attributes and options they have in their basket and on their invoice. more info & examples...
Extra Product Fields Utility
Price: $89.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 4.14 - 4.24
Easily add Extra Product Fields to your store. Fully-customizable, template-based display of Extra Product Fields. Batch-oriented import utility handles very large data sets. Full support for OpenUI OpenTokens & template-based modules. more info & examples...
Better Product Search
Price: $39.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 4.14 - 4.24
Better Searches, Better Configuration, Better Results, Better Navigation. Module improves upon the Miva Merchant's standard search functionality by providing more flexibility and a whole big bunch of options. It displays a summary of search results, and user-friendly navigation that provides customers the ability of easily linking back to their current search results. Admin control of which product fields are searched. more info & examples...
Hide Prices Pending Customer Approval - Professional Version
Price: $129.00
MIVA Merchant Version: 4.14 - 4.24
Tremendously useful for wholesalers and other store owners who want to limit access to a known, and approved, customer base. Product prices can be hidden until a customer's account has been approved by the store's owner. Includes an administrative utility for review & approval of customer accounts and assigning of price & availability groups. Fully compatible with OpenUI OpenTokens and third-party template-based modules. more info & examples... also specializes in custom solutions and MIVA Merchant modules for any of your specific shopping cart, e-commerce system requirements. Need to extend the functionality of your MIVA Mechant store, contact customer service for a quote.