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Mobile Phone Industry

Most of the printed sources quoted below can be accessed at the British Library [see shelfmarks in brackets] - please refer to the Integrated Catalogue for full details. Alternatively, some items may also be held in your local public library.

Page updated 8 February 2006

Directories | Market Research & Statistics | Trade Magazines & Newsletters | Electronic Resources at the British Library | Internet Sources | Companies Operating in the Sector


Mobile Internet Directory (Baskerville Communications, 2001) [(B) AA 720 BUS]
A-Z listing and company profiles of providers of mobile internet services. Directory is indexed by company and country.

Mobile Market Leaders (Analysys Research Ltd, 2001) [(B) AA 737 BUS]
Contains detailed profiles of 50 of the world's largest and most innovative mobile operators, plus a directory of over 550 service providers worldwide. With country and company name indexes, and a brief analysis of the key technical and business issues facing the global mobile market.

Multinational Telecommunications Companies (Commercial Intelligence Service, 2003) [(B) AA 737 BUS]
Directory of foreign subsidiaries, joint ventures and representative companies active in the telecomm industry around the world.

Phillips Telephone Industry Directory (Phillips Business Information Inc, 2000) [(B) AA 737 BUS]
Directory has market information and listings of interconnects/telecomm contractors, interexchange carriers, regulatory authorities and product and service providers for the US.

Plunketts Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2002-2004 (Plunkett Research Ltd, 2002) [(B) AA 720 BUS]
Directory includes profiles of 400 telecommunications companies. This includes statistical information, trends in international markets, local services, data networks, deregulations, fibre optics, cellular and wireless, paying and internet access.

UK Communications 2002/03 (DTI, 2002) [(B) AA 737 BUS]
Contains listing of UK based companies exporting communications hardware, software and services abroad.

Vanilla PWS Directory (ICT Communications, 2001) [(B) AA 737 BUS]
An information source for network operators and service providers world-wide.

Market Research & Statistics:

Business Ratio Report: the telecommunications Industry (The Prospect Shop, 2003) [(B) RQ 50 BUS]
Report provides information on the industry background, performance, company profiles and performance league tables.

Future Mobile Handsets: world-wide technology and market development 2002-2007 (Arc Group, 2002) [(B) RR 38 BUS]
Report covers the mobile handset market place, market trends & issues, handset vendor strategies, handset features, user interface, mobile handset components, 2.5G & 3G form factors & pricing and a mobile handsets industry survey.

Global Mobile Devices to 2006: a saturated world? (Datamonitor, 2001) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Report looks at the definition of the market, market context, customer focus, competitor dynamics, the future and action points.

Global Mobile Forecasts to 2010 (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Mobile forecasts by country.

Global Mobile Prepaid Strategies (Baskerville, 2001) [(B) RQ 651 BUS]
Report covering definitions & models, analysis of the world prepaid markets, developing & pricing prepaid services, marketing and managing.

Global Mobile Sourcebook (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) RQ 651 BUS]
Statistical sourcebook for the industry. Covers ranking and country profiles.

Increasing Profitability with Telematics and M2M: world-wide market analysis and strategic outlook 2002-2007 (ARC Group, 2002) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Report focuses on what telematics and M2M can bring to your business. It covers current business implications, status of the market, enabler's toolbox, practical advice on implementation, design & systems and the future of the industry.

Maximising Strategic Opportunities from Mobile Communications Technology (Financial Times, 2002) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
This report looks at the state of the market, how businesses are using mobile technology, key issues & trends, mobile checklist, implementing mobile solutions and using mobiles to change and re-engineer the business.

Mobile Advertising: new business models interactive branding (ARC Group, 2001) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Detailed report covering the market situation and outlook, the value chain, new business models, case studies, mobile advertising strategies, enabling technologies, implementation, building the business case and forecasts.

Mobile Communities: building loyalty and generating revenues through chat and community applications (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Report looks at defining the mobile community, issues facing community hosts, the business case, non-operator hosted communities, and case studies.

Mobile Content & Applications: business and revenue for increasing ARPU 2002-2007 (Arc Group, 2002) [(B) RR 51 BUS]
Comprehensive report including a market overview, strategic issues, towards a complex market place, from communication to mobile services, business & revenue models, APRU forecasts and future opportunities.

The Mobile Customer experience 2003-2007; how the industry can succeed in an evolving market (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
This report looks at defining the industry, what can be learnt from the Japanese and South Korean experiences, can the industry evolve, future influences, what we know about mobile customers, and bridging the gap.

Mobile Entertainment: opportunities, challenges and the path forward (Arc Group, 2001) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Report looks at the market situation & outlook, strategic issues, mobile games, mobile music, multimedia, imaging & video, mobile information & commerce, mobile handset & user interface and operator feedback.

Mobile Games: expanding roles & revenue opportunities worlwide (Arc Group, 2002) [(B) AK 56 BUS]
Detailed report including an introduction to the wireless data market, the video games market, enabling technologies, provisioning games over wireless channels, roadmaps & market dynamics, service management and market issues.

Mobile Location Update: technology is good but where are the services? (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) PN 78 BUS]
Report covers the market by looking back at 2001-2002, assessing technology contracts at August 2002, mobile location offering at August 2002, operators third party location business models, location vendors and their finances, location and MMS, location enabled mobile instant messaging, presence and unified communications and the year ahead.

Mobile Messaging Update: statistics and data: stimulating or cannibalising voice revenues (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) PN 78 BUS]
Statistical report icluding a market overview, selected operator SMS traffic, mobile data subscriber figures, SMS pricing models, data pricing models, quarterly mobile data revenues, MMS contract announcements, MMS launches and operator pricing strategy, MMS handsets and delivery schedules, mobile IM contract update, messaging revenue models, messaging forecasts and mobile subscribers by country and operator.

Mobile Music (Baskerville, 2003) [(B) RX 50 BUS]
Report looks at the services and business models for the ring tone market, major record companies' deals, collection societies, mobile operator strategies and third party providers.

Mobile Phones and Network Providers: Essentials, April 2000 (Mintel, 2000)
An assessment of the current UK market size and segmentation, key market drivers, supply structure and distribution, advertising and promotion, consumer analysis, and forecasts through to 2004.

Mobile Phones: Market Report 2003 (Key Note, 2003) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Covers UK market size and sectors, competitor analysis (based on 8 leading companies), buying behaviour, future trends and forecasts through to 2006. With detailed profiles of the 5 market leaders.

Mobile Phones (What to Buy for Business, Jan. 2003) [(P) AQ 31 -E(8)]
Special report on mobile phones with advice on network operators, buying a phone and detailed specifications of 39 current models.

Public Network Europe Mobile Yearbook (Economist Newspaper, 2001) [(B) RR 71 BUS]
Comprehensive guide to the European cellular industry, which includes country profiles.

The Status of Mobile Payments: evaluating the implementation of m-payments in Europe (Baskerville, 2002) [(B) PP 30 BUS]
Report covers key commercial issues in mobile payment, understanding the industry forums, solution vendor profiles and mobile payment service providers.

Telecommunications Market Report 2003 (Key Note, 2003) [(B) RR 00 BUS]
Covers UK market size and sectors, competitor analysis, buying behaviour, future trends and forecasts through to 2006. With detailed profiles of the 5 market leaders.

Vertical Mobile Business: cherry picking niche opportunities (Datamonitor, 2003)
Detailed report providing a sector analysis and looking at customer focus, competition and vendor profiles, and future forecasts.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Operator Case Studies: T-Mobile, KT, Cometa, NTT, DoCoMo, BT, Orange, Swiss Com, Toshiba and 16 Others. (Baskerville, 2003) [(B) PN 74 BUS]
Case study reports by network operator.

See also: Electronic Resources at the British Library

Trade Magazines & Newsletters:

Global Mobile: the international business newsletter of mobile communications markets (Baskerville, fortnightly) [(P) RQ 651 -E(17)]
Brief news about market and company development in the mobile and wireless industry around the world. This includes regular tables of contracts and subscriber counts.

Global Wireless Developments (Quasar International Communications, twice yearly) [(P) RQ 50 -E (108)]
Reviews the wireless telecomm industry. This includes bluetooth technology, software, wireless applications, payment & billing, 3G technology and security.

GSM Strategist: the global market informer: your fortnightly guide to the GSM market (Visiongain Publishing, fortnightly) [(P) RR 71 -E(44)]
Newsletter covering 3G development, subscriber analysis, equipment markets and company news.

Mobile (Noble House Media Ltd, weekly) [(P) RR 71 -E(34)]
News magazine for UK industry professionals.

Mobile Choice (Noble House Media Ltd, monthly) [(P) RT 98 -E(19)]
Consumer magazine including a regular buying guide.

Mobile Communications International (Cherman Ltd, monthly) [(P) RT 98 -E(14)]
News and feature articles on the industry worldwide for industry professionals. With a regular listing of industry conferences and exhibitions and new contracts.

Mobile Europe (Nexus Media Ltd, monthly) [(P) RT 98 -E(13)]
Aimed at industry professionals. Contains mainly feature articles on the industry in Europe - mobile advertising, m-commerce, etc.

Mobile News (Clark White Publications, fortnightly) [(P) RR 71 -E (5)]
News and features magazine for the UK mobile communications industry.

Vanilla Plus (Prestige Media, monthly) [(P) RT 98 -E(23)]
Trade magazine for telecomms operators and service providers.

What Mobile & Cellphone Magazine (Blah, monthly) [(P) RR 71 -E (26)]
Buyers guide previewing mobile phones for UK consumers.

Electronic Resources at the British Library

The following items are only available online to readers using the British Library's Business & Intellectual Property Reading Rooms at St Pancras:

European Mobile Operator Profiles (Frost & Sullivan, 2001)
Report covers market overview by country in Europe.

European Smartphones Markets(Frost & Sullivan, 2000)
Comprehensive report covering the market dynamics, new technologies, performance, country profiles, new strategies and recommendations for the industry.

Global Next-Generation Mobile Networks Markets (Frost & Sullivan, 2002)
This report cover the total global mobile networks market, North American markets, Latin American markets, Europe, Africa and Middle East markets, Asia-Pacific markets and competitive profiles.

Mobile Telecom Strategies in Europe: Identifying the Risk (Reuters Business Insight, 2001)
Report looks at the cellular services market, PAMR services market, mobile satellite services market and mobile data services market.

UK Mobile Phones 2001 (Snapshots International, 2001)
Offers a general overview of the mobile phone market in the UK.

World Mobile Commerce Markets (Frost & Sullivan, 2003)
This report looks at industry challenges, offers an analysis of the world markets, forecasts for 1999-2005 and gives strategic recommendations for market success.

World Rechargeable Battery Markets for Mobile IT and Communication Devices (Frost & Sullivan, 2003)
This report covers the total rechargeable battery markets for mobile IT, telecom devices, IT devices and mobile communications devices.

Internet Sources:

web linkAnalysys
Telecoms Virtual Library, a collection of links to other telecoms sites worldwide and part of the World Wide Web Consortium Virtual Library.

web linkCommunications Managers Association
UK telecoms user group containing industry news, technical and regulatory information and details of the association and its activities.

web linkGSM World
The GSM Association (GSMA) is a global trade association that represents the interests of more than 600 GSM mobile operators.

web linkTelecommunications Industry Association
Trade organization for companies which provide communications and information technology products and services.

web linkTelecoms Portal
Comprehensive links to operators, suppliers, regulators, forum, government, data, statistics etc. with worldwide coverage.

web linkThe 3G Portal
Represents a comprehensive source of information and a good starting point for examining the issues affecting the 3G mobile market.

web linkTotalTelecom
A to Z of telecom websites worldwide. Covers links to operators, manufacturers and vendors, news and features.

web linkUK Mobiles Phone Guide
Directory of phone manufacturers, networks, retailers, accessories, ring tones, and logos.

web linkUMTS Forum
Covers issues surrounding 3G mobile telephony. Among its members are four of the existing UK mobile network operators. A number of free reports relating to Universal Mobile Telecommunications System are provided.

Companies Operating in the Sector: