Delicious comfort from 1923 to today. Explore our rich history!


The MILKY WAY® Bar was Mars, Inc.'s first candy bar, created in Forrest Mars Sr.'s kitchen to capture the popular taste of malted milk shakes and the healthful benefits of malt in a candy bar.


The original MILKY WAY® Bar cost only $.05 in 1926.


The MILKY WAY® Vanilla Bar name was renamed the FOREVER YOURS® Bar.


The FOREVER YOURS® Bar was renamed the MILKY WAY® Dark Bar.


MILKY WAY® Brand earned kosher certification.


The MILKY WAY® Bar was improved with even more luscious caramel and more modern packaging.


The MILKY WAY® Dark Bar was renamed the MILKY WAY® MIDNIGHT® Bar to capture the romance of the candy bar's rich, dark chocolate.


MILKY WAY® Brand Chocolate Covered Caramels are introduced.


New advertising reminds everyone that MILKY WAY® Bar has chocolate, caramel, nougat and comfort in every bar.

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