Dan Reed at Farmers Strike - Mumbai, November 2005

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sevensistersroad.com shares the music and history of dan reed network with you - there's a full discography & videography, media archives, an extensive gallery, exclusive interviews, and news of the current activities of the five that made up dan reed network - dan reed, brion james, melvin brannon II, blake sakamoto & dan pred


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I met Blake Sakamoto

blake came into my store in Portland yesterday. my wife surprised me by setting me up to meet him.


Melvin Brannon is Spoonie Bee

melvin brannon now goes by the name of spoonie bee - funky bass playing abounds


Dan Reed posting regularly at Seven Sisters Road Forum

in the forums, we have created the Temple of Saraswathi - a sanctuary to discuss sensitive subjects such as spirituality, religion, politics, corporate globalization, activism, etc. The idea for this forum came from Dan Reed, himself.


Dan Reed living in Israel

dan reed is currently residing in Israel where he is working with Palestinian and Israeli musicians. Go to the news page to see the original photograph used above.