The Most Important Runway in America

Last year, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport accommodated some 85 million passengers and almost 1 million flight operations. Since 1998, Hartsfield-Jackson has been the busiest airport in the world, thus making it the busiest airport in the history of aviation.

Due to higher demand on the current facilities, and other uncontrollable factors such as inclement weather, airlines operating at Hartsfield-Jackson often experience delays.

Approximately 70 percent of Atlanta Airport’s 85 million passengers are connecting from one flight to another, and delays at Hartsfield-Jackson cause delays throughout the national air transportation system. This is why Hartsfield-Jackson’s Fifth Runway is “The Most Important Runway in America.”

The opening of the Fifth Runway and the accompanying FAA Air Traffic Control Tower is a pivotal moment in the airport’s history.

We invite you to explore the making of this engineering marvel, and to celebrate this monumental occasion with us by participating in the series of events we have created for you.

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