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Reg Parnell British Reg  Parnell
Born 02 Jul 1911 Derby
Died 07 Jan 1964 Derby
F1 Debut1950, Great Britain
Had it not been for World War II, this farmer and haulage contractor from Derby might well have matured into one of Britain's great Grand Prix drivers. As it was he gained a reputation as a steady, dogged and supremely versatile runner in almost every category. He retired to the post of team manager at Aston Martin at the end of the 1954 season and later ran the Yeoman Credit/Bowmaker teams from which he developed Reg Parnell Racing at the start of 1963. He died of peritonitis following medical complications after a routine appendix opertion.

F1 Championship Race Results

Circuit Pos Entrant Car Grid FL
Silverstone 03 SA Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo 158 04
Reims ret Scuderia Ambrosiana Maserati 4CLT/48 10
Circuit Pos Entrant Car Grid FL
Reims 04 G A Vandervell Ferrari Thinwall Special 09
Silverstone 05 British Racing Motors Ltd BRM P15 20
Monza dns British Racing Motors Ltd BRM P15 08
Circuit Pos Entrant Car Grid FL
Silverstone 07 AHM Bryde Cooper T20 06
Circuit Pos Entrant Car Grid FL
Silverstone ret Scuderia Ambrosiana Ferrari 500/625 14

F1 Statistics

Starts6 85.71%
Did not start1
Laps Raced 345 (1,164 miles)

Pole Positions 0
Front Row Starts1 14.29%
3rd 1
Podiums1 14.29%
4th 1
5th 1
Top Six 3 42.86%

Other Places1 14.29%
Retirements2 28.57%
Points 9.0 1.29 pts per race
all % figures are based on total number of entries