Will the latest Ubuntu distro finally provide a mainstream Windows alternative?

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Ubuntu 7.04 is Linux for dummies!
Ubuntu 7.04 is Linux for dummies. I already have the bta of Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn on my notebook for a couple of weeks.

Wireless connection to the internet is easier than ever, with Network Manager in the standard installation.

Also installing multimedia codecs is a cinch now. A few mouseclicks, that is all it takes. Same with installing the factory driver for my video card.

Ubuntu 7.04 robs me of my computer wizard halo, I fear: it is simply far too easy.... :-)

Greetz, Pjotr.
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Ubuntu 7.04 is Linux for dummies!pjotr123  04/17/07
since november(``-_-)  04/17/07
Linux for dummies is just what we need...mrdatahs  ZDNet04/17/07
Mac COULD, but won't;ajole  04/18/07
To be mainstream requires more than thatintrepi@...  04/18/07
even Dapper is pretty darn close...shryko  04/18/07
Sounds like it might work for all Non guru'sintrepi@...  04/18/07
PCLinuxOS is easy to use NOW out of the boxDon Collins  04/17/07
Assumes distro not in evidenceYagotta B. Kidding  04/17/07
bw prob(``-_-)  04/17/07
pclinuxos.com is upAnonymousBugMeNotUser  04/17/07
Not sure as most linux versions are off shelvesintrepi@...  04/18/07
BAH!!!Valis Keogh  04/17/07
yeah rightbearlyworking  04/17/07
so do you want mass linux adoption or not?Valis Keogh  04/17/07
Notepcraig  04/17/07
MonopolyAnonymousBugMeNotUser  04/17/07
Well put!eric__m  04/18/07
Linux price increases are not always a choiceintrepi@...  04/18/07
2 or 3 flavors(``-_-)  04/17/07
that's what YOU say, what about the next guy?Valis Keogh  04/17/07
The radar: Distrowatch.comAnonymousBugMeNotUser  04/17/07
I'm not sure about Ubuntu hypeintrepi@...  04/18/07
Thank youYagotta B. Kidding  04/17/07
consumers dont have to compile their tv'sValis Keogh  04/17/07
RE: consumers dont have to compile their tv'sjoe6pack_z  04/17/07
I couldn't compile anything on linux without helpintrepi@...  04/18/07
IT is scary for some of uspjsenigma@...  04/17/07
Older users?MisterMiester  04/18/07
tend to agreeculebra  04/18/07
Black screen, green text, command line, WAS MS DOSmdsmedia  04/19/07
It's more personal apprehension but I agreeintrepi@...  04/18/07
Bah - no reasonFreebird54  04/18/07
You would be quite pleasantly surprisedintrepi@...  04/18/07
There's one other reason and...Beat_a_Dead_Horse  04/19/07
KDE vs GnomeAnonymousBugMeNotUser  04/17/07
Make a manual explaining how too switchpjsenigma@...  04/17/07
oops reliably readablepjsenigma@...  04/17/07
I do agree, Linux is not so hard to deal withintrepi@...  04/18/07
Where did you hear XP support ends in 2008?archerjoe  04/17/07
Sorry, should have phrased that differentlymrdatahs  ZDNet04/17/07
many subspecies of Ubuntupfyearwood  04/17/07
Jimminy Crickets DawsonITdaized  04/18/07
Your price makes your post seem....silly.ajole  04/18/07
The answer is "no"eric__m  04/18/07
Mainstream, not yet, at least for most.intrepi@...  04/18/07
Windows XP will be supported through 2014.mwagner@...  ZDNet04/20/07
New to Linux: Dual Boot Questionc.b  04/21/07
Some ideas...D-cat  04/23/07

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