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Anti-occupation resistance + Islamic extremists

The anti-occupation resistance which violent actions are we witnessing is the result of the sum of many ffactions: the surviving loyalists of Saddam Hussein, foreign fighters, the Islamic terror group Ansar al-Islam and al-Qaida. It is thought that their leader is the Jordanian-born terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Their goal is the chase out of Iraq of the forces that are occupying it. Their attacks (whic can be guerrilla-style or terror bombings) hit US and other coalition soldiers, the new Iraqi police, but unfortunately Iraqi civilians also. Guerrilla methods include ambushes, grenade and light gun attacks, and mine explosions. Their terror methods are:bomb, car bomb explosions and suicide car bombings. In 2004, some of the groups begun to kidnap foreigners and frequently executions followed.

Attacks in Iraq: - during the war

3/22-in a suicide attack in the Iraqi Kurdistan one Australian journalist and three Kurdish fighters killed.
3/29-An Najaf: in a suicide attack with a car 4 US marines killed.

4/4- in a suicide attack north of Baghdad 3 US soldiers killed. The attack was carried out by two women.
4/10-Baghdad: in a suicide attack one marine killed.

- after Bush's declare of the end of the war on May 1st 2003

Daily attacks on US and other occupation soldiers in Iraq. Ambushes, rocket launcher and light weapon attacks, mine explosions, even helicopter downings are the best tactics of the Iraqi resistance.


Iraq: in a car bomb attack at the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad 19 dead.


Iraq: in a suicide attack with a truck-bomb on the United Nations' headquarters (Hotel Canal) in Baghdad 22 dead. The UN High Commissioner for Iraq Brasilian Sergio Vieira de Mello was among the dead.


Two car bombs exploded in front of the Shiite mosque Imam Ali in Najaf, Iraq. 83 people killed, including the Ayatollah Mohammed Baqar al-Hakim. Saddam's resistance suspected.


Iraq;Baghdad: Iraqi Governing Council member Akila al Hashimi seriously wounded in an attack in front of her house, and on  9/25 she dies of her wounds.


Iraq;Baghdad: five simultaneous suicide car bombings at targets in Baghdad killed 45 people. The targets include the Red Cross Organization's headquarters and four police stations. MAP


Iraq;An Nasiriyah: in a suicide bombing with two truck-bombs on the headquarters of the Italian army contingent 28 dead (17 Italian soldiers, 2 Italian and 9 Iraqi civilians).


Iraq: in suicide car bomb attacks on two Iraqi police stations, one in Baquba, the other in
Khan Bani Saad, 18 killed.  Baghdad airport: a cargo DHL plane lands safely after being hit at an engine while taking off. No injuries in this attack.


Iraq: in a suicide car bombing at an Iraqi police station in the town of Khaldiya 20 killed.


Iraq;Baghdad: in a tanker explosion near a bus 17 dead.


Iraq;Karbala: in car bomb and rocket attacks on coalition bases and a police station 19 killed (5 Bulgarian, 2 Thai soldiers, 12 Iraqis).


Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide attack on a restaurant 8 killed.


Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide car bomb attack on the entrance of the coalition military and civilian headquarters 25 killed (23 Iraqi civilians, 2 US soldiers).




Iraq: in a car bomb attack on a police station in Iskandaryah, 25 km south of Baghdad, 55 dead. Many of the killed were civilians who were queueing for work.


Iraq;Baghdad: in na suicide car bombing at the building where would-be soldiers were queueing for work 47 killed.


Iraq;Fallujah: in an assault carried out by anti-US guerrillas on a police station and several other government buildings 27 dead (23 policemen, 4 terrorists). some 100 inmates released from the buildings.




Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide car bombing on the Mount Lebanon hotel 17 killed.


Iraq: Islamic terrorists kidnapped three Japanese civilians. They threatened to kill them if Japan doesn't pull out all of its troops from Iraq. Along with the Japanese, 8 South Koreans kidnapped but later released. The Japanese were released on April 15th.


Iraq: members of the "Green Brigades" terrorist group kidnapped 4 Italian civilians. They threatened to kill them if Italy doesn't pull out its troops from Iraq. On 4/14 the terrorists execute a hostage and send the tape showing it to Al-Jazeera TV. On 6/08 in a U.S. special forces' action the remaining three rescued.


With the increasing of guerrilla and terror activity in Iraq, some of the extremists groups led by Al-Qaeda terrorist al-Zarqawi begun to kidnap foreigners. When their conditions were not met (Withdrawing, ransom, release of prisoners), some hostages were executed. Many were shot and some of them were beheaded.Videos of those barbaric acts were published on some web sites.


Iraq;Basra: in a string of suicide car bombings at police stations 74 people killed. The most of the killed are civilians.


Iraq: in rocket and car bomb attacks in Baghdad, Tikrit, Haswa and Basra 40 killed (33 Iraqis, 7 Americans).


Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide car bombing 10 dead, including the president of the Iraqi Governing Council Izzedine Salim.


Iraq;Baghdad: in a car bomb attack on a convoy of western contractors in the city's centre 16 killed, 5 of whom were foreigners.


Iraq;Baghdad: in two car bomb attacks on new Iraqi army recruits 41 dead.


IRAQ 6/24/2004


Iraq: in two car bomb explosions in the city of Hilla 23 killed.


Iraq: a car bomb killed 15 people at a funeral in Ba'quba.


Iraq;Ba'aquba: in a suicide car bombing against an army recruitment centre 68 killed.


Iraq;Kufa: mortar attacks against Shiite worshippers killed 74 people.


Iraq: 12 Nepalese hostages have been executed by their terrorist captors.


Iraq: in a suicide car bombing on Iraqi policemen in Kirkuk 25 killed.


Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide car bombing on Iraqi recruits 47 dead.


Iraq;Kirkuk: in a suicide car bombing on Iraqi police recruits 23 dead.

Iraq;Baghdad: in car bomb attacks on Iraqi policemen 44 killed. Many children perished because the attack affected a nearby festivity.


Iraq;Samarra: in multiple car bombings against police targets 37 dead.

Iraq;Baghdad: in two attacks on Iraqi police forces 26 dead.


Iraq: in car bomb attacks on civilian targets in the Shiite cities of Najaf and Kerbala 68 dead.


Iraq: in a suicide attack on an American military base near Mosul 22 killed.


Iraq;Baghdad: in multiple car bombings on Iraqi targets and the Australian embassy 26 dead.


Iraq: in a suicide bombing attack on a Shiite mosque in Baghdad 14 dead.


Iraq: in multiple suicide and mortar attacks on Iraqi polling stations during the country's first parliamentary elections 44 mrtvih.


Iraq: in car bomb attacks on police targets in Mosul and Ba'aquba 25 killed.


Iraq: in multiple explosions during the Shiite holiday of Ashoura 30 dead. The most of the casualties ocurred in a suicide bomb blast on a bus in Baghdad.



Iraq;Mosul: in a suicide bombing at a Shiite funeral 47 dead.


Iraq;Baghdad: in a double suicide car bombing on a column of Iraqi police vehicles 20 killed.


Iraq;Irbil: in a suicide car bomb attack on a police recruiting centre 60 dead.


Iraq: in multiple suicide car bombings on police targets across northern Iraq 60 people killed.


Iraq;Hilla: in suicide car bombings on queue lines of police recruits 20 killed.


Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide car bombing 27 dead, mostly children.



Iraq;Baghdad: in a suicide truck bombing in front of a police station 25 people killed.


Iraq: in triple suicide car bombings on civilian targets in Baghdad 43 killed.