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TITLE: Information processing -- Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language (HyTime) - 2d edition
ISO Designator: ISO/IEC 10744:1997
PROJECT EDITORS: Charles F. Goldfarb, Steven R. Newcomb, W. Eliot Kimber, Peter J. Newcomb
STATUS: Approved text
ACTION: For information
DATE: 9 May 1997
DISTRIBUTION: WG8 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. James David Mason (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 Convenor)
Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
Information Management Services
1060 Commerce Park, M.S. 6480
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6480 U.S.A.
Telephone: +1 423 574-6973
Facsimile: +1 423 574-0004


WG8 document N1920 (HyTime 2d Edition) is provided in several electronic forms. The authoritative version from which all other forms are derived is the SGML source. The other forms are provided for convenience for electronic review. These materials may be accessed by HTTP or FTP. The URL of this document is The materials listed below are relative to this location as indicated in the table.

Additional materials, tutorials, and additional useful information about HyTime can be found at the HyTime User's Group Web site at

Format Components Notes
HTML ./html/
HTML generated from the SGML using a DSSSL style sheet and the SGML transformation backend of the Jade DSSSL engine.1
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pdf/n1920.pdf (entire document)
Distilled for Acrobat 3.x. Formatted from the SGML using Framemaker+SGML with the ISO Publishing system application.
SGML source ./source/
Single normalized document entity
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All packages include the DTD. Document conforms to reference concrete synatx.
Panorama panorama/
Style sheet: hystd00.ssh
Navigator: hystd00.nav
This style sheet and navigator should work with any ViewPorttm-derived SGML browser.
DSSSL dsssl/
hystd00.dsl - Page formatting
hyt2html.dsl - Generates HTML pages
hytnorm.dsl - Generates normalized SGML source
hytnumber.dsl - Common numbering functions
These DSSSL specifications have been tested with JADE 0.8. The HTML generator uses the non-standard SGML transform backend of JADE.