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Is DoubleClick Really Worth $3.1 Billion?

Filed under: Online Advertising - April 16, 2007

As in all sales, it depends. The final arbiter of value is what someone is willing to pay, so from that standpoint you have to say that yes, it is worth $3.1 billion. Evidently even Microsoft is now said to have matched the offer. Sometimes you need to look deeper and not just at revenue multiples to see what a business might be able to add to the plan and the existing mix of capabilities....

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DoubleClick Googled for $3.1B

Filed under: Online Advertising - April 13, 2007

Did you just hear the wail from Redmond? Google just rocked lots of people's worlds, and pissed of Microsoft with a $3.1 Billion purchase of DoubleClick (which includes Performics). Rumors of Microsoft buying DoubleClick started a short time ago, and Google's interest followed quickly. I'm sure some of this purchase is defensive in preventing Microsoft from getting access to DoubleClick's DART platform, customers, and more while at the same time adding to Google's already large...

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Lawyers Baffled by Online Trademark Infringement

Filed under: Internet Strategy - January 19, 2007

Zachary Rodgers writes a great piece (anyone who can use Sisyphean well gets props in my book) over at ClickZ on an Association of National Advertiser's Law and Business Affairs conference. Lawyers were overwhelmed by the amount of infringement going on, so they must pick their battles or else risk burning through their budgets too quickly. They also look at some infringement as Good, evidenced by my favorite quote of the article:Besides, said Matorin, "If...

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Update - New York Dismisses Warrant for Sportingbet Officer

Filed under: Internet Strategy - September 29, 2006

Reuters is reporting that the arrest warrant for Peter Dicks that I reported on earlier, former chairman of Sportingbet, has been dismissed by a judge. The warrant was based on a "gambling by computer" charge filed in Louisiana. It is hard to say of this is a break in the attacks on Internet gambling, or just a conflict between two states. The report mentions that New York State Governor George Pataki refused to sign the...

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ClickZ Notices Affiliate Marketing

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - September 28, 2006

It was nice to see an article in ClickZ from Heidi Cohen on the benefits of affiliate marketing. What is extra interesting about this is that Heidi normally writes about "Actionable Analysis", where she normally covers ways of measuring what you do online. This area has had articles more recently on content strategy, email marketing and analysis, analytics, and more. It was great to have her include affiliate marketing here, as we have been touting...

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Feds Continue to Target Gambling CEOs - Sportingbet's Dicks Arrested

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - September 08, 2006

US attacks on Gambling continued Wednesday with the arrest of the chairman of Sportingbet, Peter Dicks upon his arrival at Kennedy Airport, acting on a warrant issued by the state police in Louisiana. This follows the arrest of BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers as I reported here back in July. Back then many thought it appeared as if they were going after BetOnSports specifically and not the industry in general. I have said it before that...

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Net Neutrality: Oligopoly and Stagnation

Filed under: Internet Strategy - August 04, 2006

There is a great article in the latest Technology Review that looks at the current Net Neutrality debate by examining the past. You can look at recent history, such as the cell phone networks of today, or go further back and look at what happened with Western Union and the Telegraph industry. I would think that we all know how open the cell phone networks are today because we see so much innovation and new...

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Who is the Real Traffic Pimp

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 27, 2006

Peter mentioned earlier that the Affiliate Marketing Panel was so well received at Ad:Tech SF that it was brought back for this week's Chicago show. Interestingly enough, the panel got a pretty poor review by the Carlen Lea Lesser, writing for the Ad:Tech Blog. I don't know if it was the change in personnel or the one covering the session, but this was not the same panel I reviewed when I was writing for them....

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Gamblers Have Little to Fear from Feds

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 27, 2006

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that although US based gamblers account for about half of the estimated $12 billion on online gambling market, they are not breaking any federal laws. In fact, there are only a handful of states that explicitly bar citizens from placing bets online.For its part, the Justice Department said it is focused on the online gambling businesses, not individuals. "There is certainly not a law that expressly prohibits a bet...

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Has the Long Tail Been Cropped?

Filed under: Internet Strategy - July 27, 2006

Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal has written an article where he does his best to debunk much of the "Long Tail" concept coined by Chris Anderson in his new best seller, "The Long Tail." When I read the article, it all sounded like he found some big holes. But Chris has fired back with his own blog post on this subject and does an admirable job of defending his original conclusions. I have...

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Domain Hijacking Hijinks

Filed under: Adware, Spyware & Greynets - July 21, 2006

I just saw this article at eWeek that shows proof for the first time that I have seen that someone really is watching what you type when checking on potential domains - and then registering them! It outlines both a user and the authors test of the CNet Domain Search page, which is actually using, which is actually using, dotFM, e-nic, and where the domain researched was registered with an outfit called...

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WTO Investigating US Rules on Internet Gambling

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 20, 2006

I guess I'm noticing all the Gambling articles this week. The latest to catch my eye was a headline saying that the WTO is looking to see if the US restrictions on Internet gambling comply with international trade rules. The tiny Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda (yes, I had to look it up to make sure that this was indeed one country) is challenging the big bully USA over the issue on online gambling....

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Gambling CEO, Others Arrested in US

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 18, 2006

BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers was arrested in Texas while trying to make a connecting flight Sunday from the United Kingdom to Costa Rica. Four others were also arrested - three in Florida and one in Pennsylvania. Eleven people in all were charged for allegedly committing conspiracy, racketeering and fraud in taking sports bets from U.S. residents. The Justice Department said Monday it is seeking the forfeiture of $4.5 billion, cars and computers from the defendants,...

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The Torch Passes: Tim Storm Receives the Affiliate Summit Legend Award

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 10, 2006

After an entertaining keynote by Jim Bouton where he told the audience to do what you love because you will "make your best pitch," Wayne Porter presented Tim Storm of FatWallet.copm with the Affiliate Summit Legend Award. Tim was honored for his years of efforts in this industry over the years and for going the extra mile for everyone. In fact, he treats everyone as a person, not as a customer or employee. Jim Bouton's...

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AffiliateSummit Day 1 Report

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 09, 2006

Day 1 is about done, except for the hearty crowd partying the night away at Paradise Island or the local bars. Overall the day was mixed. The facility is great, much nicer than Vegas. No smoke filled halls to navigate and the rooms are great. The ballrooms and hallways are clean and staff is helpful and friendly. Summit staff is well organized and I have not heard one complaint about problems registering or with anything...

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Affiliate Summit First Scoop: CJ Legacy Links Not Going Away

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - July 09, 2006

I just heard from a very reliable source that CJ will not be turning off Legacy links in six months as planned. LMI will no longer be the only way of linking and Legacy links will be around for the foreseeable future....

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News Flash - Banners are Still Not Dead!

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - June 28, 2006

Beth was right, the MarketingSherpa Affiliate report has some great information. The shocker for me is that Banners ran neck and neck with Text Links and Content as the top ways that affiliates promote programs. Question #3 asked of the affiliates was "How do you currently promote affiliate programs? (Check all that apply)" and it had 3,250 Responses from the 1,041 affiliates who completed the survey. They answers were:19.88% - Text links 18.80% - Banners...

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DMA Releases Best Practices and Standards for Affiliate Marketing

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - June 21, 2006

The Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Internet Marketing Advisory Board today released a "Best Practices for Online Advertising Networks and Affiliate Marketing" document. The idea is that this should help the big brands who don't have the experience or personnel with basic knowledge of the issues of Affiliate marketing. For example, the number one item on their list is to make sure that the network follows the state and federal laws as well as the DMA's...

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Affiliate Marketing Grows Up at Ad:Tech

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - May 02, 2006

I've already written a lot about Ad:Tech, but I'd like to make special mention of how the affiliate industry has become a real player. Not only has it been included as a panel topic, but it also had mentions in many talks and there were quite a number of booths dedicated to the industry. Jeremy Palmer asks if Ad:Tech has become too big, and I have to say not even close. I wish I had...

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US House Takes Aim at Internet Gambling

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - March 16, 2006

A bill aimed at cutting off the online gambling industry at it's knees passed a critical House committee Wednesday and is now on it's way to the House Floor for consideration. The bill would prohibit a gambling business from accepting credit cards, checks, wire transfers, and electronic funds transfers in illegal gambling transactions. The US House Financial Services Committee approved H.R. 4411, The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 would prevent the use of...

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Gambling Ads Cost Publisher $7.2 Million

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - January 24, 2006

The Sporting News has agreed to a $7.2 million settlement with the U.S. government to resolve claims that it promoted illegal Internet and telephone gambling in print, on its Web site and on its radio stations. Ads reportedly ran from early 200 through December 2003, six months after the government sent the publisher a letter warning them that these ads were illegal. The Sporting News disagrees, stating that they stopped running the ads after they...

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How Can Anyone Still Make This Mistake?

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - December 07, 2005

I just got an email that shows that some programs don't think about their communications. The email made it through my automated Spam filters, but almost got summarily deleted by my own brain based Spam filter. The subject was OK, but the from name is generic. I was persuaded to open it, and I still thought about deleting it out of hand. The entire text of the email is as follows: From: Commission To: noname...

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AffiliateSummit 2005 First Impressions

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - June 17, 2005

For the first time in six years of going to affiliate related conferences I was amazed by one simple fact. We were no longer the biggest nerds there! Instead of having a bunch of techies walking around Miami, Nassau, Halifax, or a cruise ship, we were at a Casino hotel. But guess what? When we all got here I looked around and saw a group that out-nerded the Affilate and Internet Marketers - 1,000 or...

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DM News Discovers Affiliate Marketing

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - June 10, 2005

In an article released this week, the DM News seems to have just discovered Affiliate Marketing. When I read the article, I had to do a double take and check the date to make sure I was reading it correctly. Yes, this was written in 2005, not 1995. The birth of technology has given rise to so much information, and, in its natural life cycle, its marriage to creativity has created marketing opportunities that couldn’t...

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DirectTrack Using Lawsuit in Ads

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - May 25, 2005

Peter Figueredo first reported the conflict between DirectTrack and Think Partnership May 17, and since then there have been a few more salvos back and forth. In the next step of the continuing battle, DirectTrack is now using it to their advantage in advertising that is part inside joke, part clever advertising....

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Fool: Affiliate Marketing is Dead?

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - May 19, 2005

Rick Munarriz writes in a recent article at The Motely Fool about the death of affiliate marketing. Odd, I had not noticed companies disappearing and dropping programs like hot unprofitable rocks. Rick writes:"After all, if websites everywhere are taking to contextual ad blocks, doesn't logic suggest that graphic banner ads and affiliate marketing are being pushed off the page?"Gosh, I guess I better get some banner ads up for affiliates since they must be the...

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NY Times to Enter Affiliate Marketing?!?

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - May 18, 2005

Yep. I just read that in addition to charging for an online subscription, the New York Times is looking at new monetization and marketing models, including an Affiliate Program. The plans are not fully formed, but to announce them implies that they are going to do this. It would be embarrassing to talk about this and then change their mind, so I think that they are well enough along in the process that they expect...

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Inventors of Affiliate Marketing, Part II

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - March 10, 2005

At least the Messer siblings are consistent. I just saw another quote, this time from Heidi, made at the eComXpo last month. "We have invented an industry. There was no such thing as affiliate marketing before 1996. We've invented a whole field of professionals, affiliate marketing program managers. And we've empowered literally millions of small businesses out there to make a living using our software and technology. There are not many people that can say...

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The Future of Local Portals

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - March 09, 2005

Remember years ago when local portals were the up and coming next big thing? I remember meeting companies at conferences whose business model was based on providing local portals to others. Some of these are gone completely, and others have been sitting for years in limbo. With the advent of one single technology, I can see a real future for valuable local portals. The biggest problem with all the previous versions of this idea was...

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Inventors of Affiliate Marketing

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - March 08, 2005

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they say things, and I wonder even more when they put these things in writing. At least when you speak you might be excused for not thinking fast enough. But just as I am doing here, I'm thinking before I write, and then I re-read what I wrote to make sure I'm not spouting nonsense. What got me started this morning was this quote from Stephen Messer:...

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Welcome to My World

Filed under: Affiliate Marketing - January 06, 2005

Hi, I think (hope) most of you know who I am. For those who don't, check out my bio to the left. I've been invited here to blog on important and intreresting issues and see how this works. I'm not here to promote myself or get consulting contracts, but if this helps business I won't complain. You can be assured that I will be fair, honest, and opinionated. I've got a thick skin, so I...

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