woensdag 18 april 2007 23:11
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Ajax retire number 14

Amsterdam, 18 apr 2007
In honour of Johan Cruijff's 60th birthday, on 25 April, Ajax have decided to retire the shirt with number 14. This was announced by chairman John Jaakke during a birthday dinner with the club's management and Cruijff.

With the symbolical handing over of the shirt to Cruijff, number 14 will never more be worn by a player in Ajax 1 from the start of next season. John Jaakke: ,,Johan Cruijff has been invaluable for Ajax and he has given the club a worldwide name and fame. When you think of number 14, you think of Johan Cruijff. Therefore we retire his number as a tribute to a unique football player. Johan 60. 14 for ever.”