FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system.

FreeDOS 1.0 Yes, the FreeDOS Project has reached the "1.0" milestone. Download FreeDOS - or buy it on CDROM. This is a very important day for FreeDOS. A lot of you have put in so much work over the years, helping to make everything perfect. Even if you didn't contribute code, you helped out the FreeDOS Project by submitting comments and bug reports. Thank you!

What is FreeDOS

FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems. FreeDOS is made of up many different, separate programs that act as "packages" to the overall FreeDOS Project.

These days, there are three main uses of FreeDOS:

  1. To run classic DOS games (like Doom, MAME, etc.)
  2. To run business software that only supports DOS
  3. To support an embedded DOS system, such as a computerized cash register or till

You can run FreeDOS on pretty much anything. While can run FreeDOS on a dedicated PC, now it's most often run inside a PC emulator. You can find PC emulators for all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac.) If you are new to DOS, we recommend you use an emulator to install and boot FreeDOS.

FreeDOS is open source software; you can view and edit our source code. Most FreeDOS programs are distributed under the GNU General Public License ("GNU GPL") which means they are not only open source software, but they are Free software. Because of this, FreeDOS would not exist were it not for all the people who contribute to it. Even if you didn't write code, you helped out the FreeDOS Project by submitting comments and bug reports.

We welcome new members to FreeDOS. You can help contribute to the FreeDOS Project by downloading our latest release and telling us what you think. We have a bug tracking system that helps you report problems and submit requests, and otherwise tell us how to improve FreeDOS. By participating in the development and debugging process, you help everyone.

News for developers

DUGL- DOS Ultimate Game Library
2007-04-19 13:07 -
If you are a DOS game developer, you should check this out: DOS Ultimate Game Library is nearly a full featured games and multimedia programming library for MS DOS 5.0+ and 100% compatible. DUGL is written in the DJGPP C, NASM assembler and DJGPP C++ for the GUI part, and could be used only with the excellent DOS DJGPP compiler (C or C++).
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PythonD: 32bit python for DOS
2007-04-19 13:05 -
Ben Decker wrote at DJGPP mailing list: "I am also happy to announce that a second release of PythonD. Additionally, there are many fine module libraries that have been made available including Python-opengl and curses." The URL for PythonD has moved: It is now - From the site: PythonD is a 32-bit, multi-threaded, networking- and OpenGL-enabled Python interpreter for DOS and Windows. PythonD 2.4.2 Release 1.0 provides many powerful features for DOS, Windows and DJGPP users that make it an attractive platform for migration of old MS-DOS batch files, Perl, Tcl and Shell scripts. It provides a complete library of file- and system-management routines.
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New NDN released: 2.30.5713 (beta)
2007-04-19 13:01 -
If you haven't tried the Necromancer's DOS Navigator recently, give the new beta a try. Florian Xaver points us to the announcement of the recent beta, via the discussion forum at - download the beta from
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Blocek 1.3
2007-04-16 11:32 -
Ladislav Lacina writes: "Some days ago I uploaded a new version of my text editor Bloček. People from EDR-DOS forum already made a first wave of tests and buh hunting so now it should be more stable and better. Bloček is text editor which is capable to work with unicode files. Besides of that it can also serve as simple image viewer. (BMP, PCX, GIF, JPG, PNG.) What is new in this version: - functions Search, Search again, Replace and Fix word wrapping + better algoritms for scalling images (see Select filter in Options menu) + horizontal and vertical flip for images * scrolbars work more or less like in windows + changing to/from word wrapping mode keeps cursor position + checks if image files are corrupted." Get it at
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New FDRC 0.1.6
2007-04-12 11:38 -
Oleg O. Chukaev writes to tell us: "I wrote new version of the FreeDOS Resident Calculator (0.1.6). This version does not contain any major changes since v0.1.5, only 3 bugfixes, German message file and -H switch. Features: - Added keyboard help (-H switch). - Added German translation of messages (by Bernd Krueger-Knauber). - Corrected location of history indicator. - Video modes 0, 1 and 2 now supported. - Video pages others than 0 now supported." Download FDRC at
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