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District Peshawar is the provincial capital of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and is also the largest city in the Province. The city, enjoys tremendous historical, military, economic and political importance. The Federally Administered Tribal Agency adjoining Peshawar is the Khyber Agency, which joins to its West Mohammad Agency to its North and Northwest and the Semi-tribal regions of Kohat and Peshawar to its South. The two settled districts of Charsadda and Nowshera are situated to its East and Northeast. Whereas the Afghan border is approximately 40 kilo metres to the West. Pushtu is the predominant language followed by Hindko and the national language is Urdu. The current population is 2.242 million, excluding Afghan population, which is approximately 0.4 million. The city  is spreaded over an area of 1.257 Sq kilo metres.






  Peshawar City


Peshawar derives its name from a Sanskrit word 'Pushpapura' meaning the city of flowers. Peshawar's flowers were even mentioned in Mughal Emperor Babar's memoirs. The Kushan Kings of Gandhara founded Peshawar over 2,000 years ago. The Mughal emperor Babar came to Peshawar in 1530 AD.


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Until the mid-fifties Peshawar was enclosed within a city wall and sixteen gates. Of the old city gates the most famous was the Kabli Gate but only the name remains now. It leads out to the Khyber and on to Kabul. You come across two-and-three storied houses built mostly of unbaked bricks.

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