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Un Camerounais Se Transforme En "Machine à Tuer" En Distribuant le Sida en Pologne

What began like a rumour has gone public. A Cameroonian Simon Mol, 33 resident in Poland has been charged and arrested for intentionally spreading the HIV virus. The information, which includes the man’s name and picture, is currently on virtually all health and Cameroonian web sites.


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The story goes that the Polish Police were tipped of the supposedly mischievous deeds of the popular 33-year old Cameroonian by four of his ex-lovers who realised they became HIV positive after dating the guy. Investigations as to the veracity of the stories are still going on. But if found guilty, the poet will be sentenced to at least 10 years in prison.

However, in Cameroon, although no official complaint has ever been made, the practice of people wilfully spreading the HIV virus is not new. There have been cases where HIV positive men, on their dying beds, handed lists of girls they had unprotected sex with from the moment they knew they were carriers of the killer virus. The irony is that some members of the public even knew of the intentions and atrocious deeds of these people !

Well, Cameroonians are still waiting for when an HIV-carrier will be bold enough to stand up and point an accusing finger at the one who supposedly contamination him/her intentionally. Unmasking such people will be a giant stride in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Cameroon.


vendredi 12 janvier 2007 (Rédaction GriooWorld - 11:50) 
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