RoNDi - Rocks'n'Diamonds for PocketPC and PalmOS.

Last update: 1 February 2006

Limitations: only gaming, no custom elements, no music, very simple sound engine, 64*32 game field for PalmOS.

Current build is based on version of Rocks'n'Diamonds.

 Visit forum if you have any problems.


PocketPC version

Requirements: any ARM-based PocketPC device with PocketPC 2000, 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or above.

1. Get program in a new window. Unzip anywhere on device.

2. If you want additional levels, copy directory with original Rocks'n'Diamonds or Emerald Mine levels or converted Sokoban or Supaplex levels (you can zip it but the name of the archive should be the same as a directory name) into "levels\" directory. For original Sokoban or Supaplex levels get the converter in a new window.

PalmOS version

Requirements: any device with PalmOS 3.5 or above.

1. For color device get program in a new window. For greyscale device get program in a new window

2. If you have PalmOS 5 or above you can get sound data in a new window.

3. If you want to convert original Rocks'n'Diamonds, Emerald Mine, Sokoban or Supaplex levels, get the converter in a new window.