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The /newstuff Chronicles #303
Hello, it's everybody's favourite /newstuff reviewer! All of these rumours I've been hearing of me quitting /newstuff are false, I've just been the victim of poor management of scheduling! That said, my "comeback" /newstuff week is very damn boring. The only items of interest are a single level WAD and a decent jokewad. I'm not kidding, this week sucks in general. Come back next week and hope there's something more interesting that surfaces. (more)

Outpost of Reviews

Within the past month, Ismaele has updated his Outpost of Doom 2 with the reviews of Didy's Beluga, Tormentor667's Austerity, Xaser's Zen Dynamics, and Toranaga's Prometheus Experiment, all of which are accompanied by screenshots. Also, there is a progress report of Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity.

EDGE 1.29 RC5 Released

Release Candidate #5 for the source port EDGE 1.29 is now available for testing from the EDGE site. The two most significant changes are: (1) replacing the OpenAL sound system with new SDL-based sound code, and (2) much improved BOOM compatibility. Plus of course lots of bugs fixed. Here's the full changelog.

HardQore Crazy

The Quake IV mod by the name HardQore recently updated with new screenshots of upcoming levels and one shot of Sarge from Quake 3 holding one bigass minigun.

For those of you who doesn't know, HardQore is a platformer of the Abuse style done in Quake IV and features one of the wackiest stories I've ever had the pleasure to read. It incorporates the Doomguy and the Quakeguys into some sort of concoction that lacks both reason and logic.

A beta of the mod was released last year and another is scheduled to come soon. If you want to see and read more, I suggest you go over to their website and leach all their media.

Quake For Doom 3, Aftershocks.

As it seems, the people who made Quake: Shambler's Castle really couldn't stop after the first map, and are now working on expanding the adventure with at least another two maps, one being in the former Gothic style and one being of the Slipgate tech base design. Another member (Elusive) joined the team to make textures and another level.

Here you can find the thread on D3W forums detailing the production, as well as two screenshots, one of each of the two maps, Lavastorm and Elusives map.

Next Generation interviews Hollenshead

Apparently id, suffering from Carmack's sudden interest in rockets and cell phone games and a bevy of cool new engines, still has a few tricks up its sleeve, says Todd Hollenshead in a new interview with Next Generation. Claiming a new, non-Doom, -Quake, or -Wolfenstein game is in the works, he also mentions that "[Carmack's] approach allows us to do some things visually that we haven't ever been able to do before. He is really unfettering the ability of artists to go absolutely nuts."

(found on Joystiq)

Skulltag 97D Preview

The folks over at Skulltag announced that they have successfully married the GZDoom renderer to Skulltag. This change doubles the current OpenGL FPS and fixes all the OpenGL bugs in 97c3. Dynamic lighting has also been added to the port. Check out the full preview here.

Andy Leaver's Doom Projects is a new site where all Community Chest III screen shots will be posted along with the completed project download. We hope to have Community Chest III finished by June 1st. Also at the site there are screen shots, information, and downloads on No Hope For Life Episode 1 and the NHFL Episode 2 demo.