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Small Business News

Intel plans to integrate processor and chipset

Intel is planning a radical PC redesign in which multicore chips will have memory & I/O functions. Intel processors are traditionally connected to a chipset comprising a memory controller and an I/O controller. In the new design, the functions carried out by these chips, and other components inside the PC, will be integrated with the [...

Health Protection Agency calls for Wi-Fi study

Blu-ray captures 70% of HD disc sales

T-Mobile Launches Heathrow Express Wi-Fi HotSpot

Microsoft aims to double PC ownership to 2 billion

Google rises over Microsoft and Yahoo

Med1a Launches View TV Local

UK companies collaborate on cross-channel DMX link

Intel favours WiMax over 3G for Centrino

Police caution wifi thieves

Business Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Google News publishing

If you’re building websites, you’re publishing. And if you’re publishing websites whose focus is delivering information first, then you’re effectively an online magazine already. If you’re a website publishing news, you’re effectively an online newspaper. One of the great opportunities for news publishing is news syndication - it offers exclusive streams of traffic via news aggregation sites, and [...

Explaining what SEO’s do

Content strategies for traffic and sales

Miscommunication in webdevelopment

Xmas action plan for business

How to combat spam on vbulletin forums

How to promote your blog for traffic

How to set up a secure certificate

How to succeed in business

How to quickly fail a business

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