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The manga and the anime CANDY CANDY produced in the 1970's are seen never again. "Classic" CANDY CANDY was killed by wicked manga artist Igarashi Yumiko, dishonest companies and fake fans who bought illegal CANDY goods.

R.I.P. Classic CANDY CANDY...

But some possibilities are offering hope for the future. The Supreme Court confirmed Ms. Mizuki Kyoko as the author of Candy Candy, so she owns the copyright on the story that she created in the seventies. Even if she publishes the novel of this story, Igarashi has no right to hinder that . Moreover, Ms. Mizuki has authority to give somebody permission to draw a manga based on the novel, and TOEI can produce new anime CANDY CANDY.
In fact KODANSHA had offered Ms. Mizuki to remake the manga 10 years ago, and TOEI commissioned her to write New CANDY CANDY several years ago.
Ms. Mizuki
announced that she'll write a novel of New CANDY CANDY after several years.

ITOMARU (a.k.a. V. Isono)

NEWS 2007
Nagita Keiko publishing schedule

Jul. manga "Premier Muguet"(art by Hanabusa Yoko) will be republished from SHODENSHA Inc..
"Premier Muguet" Original version(1979) AKITA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD
Jun. "Birthday Club" vol.3 (Kodansha Ltd.)
Official site of "Birthday Club" 
Apr. Nagita Keiko was awarded Japan Juvenile writers Association Prize for 2007 for "Rainette--Golden Apple"(Kin-no-Hoshi Sha).
Pocket edition of Fuuko and Dreamy Ghost series vol.8 "Icy Kiss for the Ghost" (POPLAR Publishing).
Mar. Little Ballerina's Case File series vol.3 "Wilis Picking the Petals of Daisies" (Iwasaki Shoten)
Feb. Pocket edition of Fuuko and Dreamy Ghost series vol.7 "I Stand the Ghost Test for My True Love" (POPLAR Publishing).  
The State of CANDY CANDY(Classic)
Dec. 31. 04)
New Candy Novel & Republish Classic Candy Novel
News Archives
Jan. 24. 07)
About Ms. Nagita Keiko (aka Mizuki Kyoko)
Dec. 31. 04)
Important Works of Nagita Keiko
Apr. 7. 07)
Nagatani Kunio raped Candice White Ardray!
(Feb. 11. 07 updated)
Dec. 31. 04)
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