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Purpose and Content

This area is designed to provide delegates with general information and guidance on areas of 3GPP that relate directly to their standardization activities.  On this page you will find information about the TSGs and WGs, a guide to 3GPP meetings as well as links to other areas of interest to 3GPP delegates. 

Information about TSGs or WGs:


There are presently 4 Technical Specification Groups (TSGs). Each TSG is made up of several Working Groups (WGs) which deal with specific parts of the TSG's work. The WGs may be further split into Sub Working groups (SWGs). For more information on the TSG structure  look here >>>.

TSG or WG Participation:

The following have a right to participate in meetings of the TSG and subordinate groups:

* Representatives of members of participating Organizational Partners (i.e. Individual Members)
* Representatives of Organizational Partners
* Representatives of Market Representation Partners.
* Representatives of Observers and Guests

All of the important information and documents relating to each TSG or WG can be found via the homepage for that group. In order to locate the homepages for the groups you are interested in llook here >>>..


Each TSG or WG has a Chairman, up to two Vice-Chairmen who are from member companies, and a secretary who is usually from the MCC support team. Their contact details can be obtained from the homepage of the individual TSG or WG. 

For more information on the election of officials  (see Article 22 of 3GPP Working Procedures). 

Terms of Reference:

Each TSG or WG has Terms of Reference which describe its scope and activities. The ToR for each group can be found via the group's homepage.

Discussion Lists (e-mail exploders): 

Each TSG or WG has one or more e-mail discussion lists. In order to access the 3GPP discussion lists and obtain guidance on how to subscribe to them please look here >>>

Documents Area: 

Each TSG or WG has a specific documents area allocated on the 3GPP ftp server. This is where you will find the all meeting documents including invitations, agenda, reports, contributions and Change Requests relating to that group.

Participants List:

Active participant lists for TSGs and WGs are maintained by the Support Team. Any delegate attending a meeting will be added to the TSG or WG active participants list, but will be removed after not attending 3 or more consecutive meetings (see Article 35 of 3GPP Working Procedures).


Information about 3GPP Meetings:


TSGs hold their plenary meetings 4 times a year, typically in March, June, September and December. TSG CT, RAN and SA collocate their meetings. TSG GERAN meets independently. WGs hold one or more meetings in between each TSG plenary. For more information on the meetings, consult the meetings calendar >>>


Most 3GPP meetings are held in countries in which 3GPP Individual Members are based: (Europe, North America, Asia.)  Meeting locations tend to reflect the geographical diversity of the TSG and WG participants.  Meetings may occasionally be hosted outside these regions by agreement of the delegates..


Any 3GPP Individual Member or group thereof may host a meeting. For more information on hosting requirements see here >>>.


Invitations for 3GPP meetings and the necessary logistical information are to be distributed at least 21 days before the meeting to the TSG or WG membership list via e-mail, and also posted on the 3GPP website.

You may also consult the homepage for individual TSG or WGs where you will find the archives of past meetings, and information relating to any future meetings for that group.


All registration for 3GPP meetings is carried out on-line (i.e. via the 3GPP website). To register for a meeting follow the steps outlined below:


Go to the general meetings page.
(You can also access the meetings via the group-specific meetings pages accessible via the group's home page, in turn accessible via the 3GPP organigram).


Scroll to find the meeting you wish to attend


Click the meeting title.


Click on "Registration".


Check the box corresponding to the meeting concerned (it should normally be already checked) and click the "Register" button at either the top or the bottom of the page.
NB Enter your username if you have one. However, a username is not needed to register for any 3GPP meeting so if you do not have one, this field can be ignored.


Fill in the details on the next page, choosing your organization from the drop down menu. 
NB Organizations are classed by Organizational Partner so ensure that you have registered under the correct partner.


Select the capacity in which you will attend the meeting.  Select either Individual Member, Partner or MRP and click on 'Submit registration'

Any 3GPP Individual Member may make a contribution to a 3GPP meeting. Each meeting invitation will contain details of how to register and provide contributions for that meeting.

Meeting Document Area:

Each meeting invitation will contain details of where the contribution documents are stored. It is advisable for delegates attending a meeting to download the documents available prior to the meeting from the ftp server and onto their personal computers.

Meeting Templates:

Several templates exist for submitting contributions to meetings. These can be found on the respective meeting folder on the ftp server.

Document Numbering:

Each TSG or WG meeting will have a structured numbering scheme for its documents. Delegates wishing to make contributions must first obtain a document number. For more information numbering see Article 34 of 3GPP Working Procedures. 

Automatic Document Numbering (ADN):

Some groups use an on-line tool for allocating document numbers.  This will be clearly stated in the meeting invitation.

Last update:
2006-06-13: General update