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May 2006 Photos from Kamchatka

Colors abound in the Valley of the Geysers in spring, when bears gather in force to feed on fresh green grasses, and melted snows reveal mineral-stained rocks. Here are photos from Igor's time in the Valley in late spring. For more NEW photos from Kronotsky Zapovednik - click here. For NEW bear photos - click here



WL_M_B_154 KR_L_W_082 WL_M_B_134 WL_M_B_153
KR_L_F_009 KR_L_W_067 WL_M_B_151 WL_M_B_166
WL_M_B_146 KR_L_W_091 KR_L_W_085 WL_M_B_156