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  Stacy Keibler - Biography
Stacy Keibler
 Stacy Keibler Biography
Name :Stacy Keibler
Birth Date : 14.10.1979
Birth Place : Baltimore, MD
Height : 5'11
Nickname : The Legs of WWE
Trained at : WCW Power Plant
Debut Date : September 1999 (old WCW), June 2001 (WWF)
Career Highlight : Becoming Mr. McMahon's Personal Assistant on the Smackdown programme
Occupation : Wrestler

 Stacy Keibler Detailed Biography
Stacy Keibler is an accomplished wrestling star, first lighting it up in the defunct WCW and now causing cardiac arrest in the WWE. Born October 14th, 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland, Stacy Keibler naturally gravitated toward physical activity such as dance from childhood. From the age of three she was involved in ballet, tap and jazz dance, her parents making a commitment to go as far as Stacy's talents would take her. The taste for the spotlight while dancing soon spurred an interest in modeling and acting. With her good looks, it was not hard to land modeling gigs in conservative and not-so-conservative publications as she reached adulthood. So she worked as a model and actress as well as a physical therapist technician and a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader before entering the world of wrestling. Danceing since the age of 3 with a background in ballet,tap and jazz it was easy to see why Stacy became a cheerleader. Stacy was one of the first Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, working with the organization for 2 years. Plus Stacy was also a full time student, pulling in near-perfect grades in Mass Communications at Towson University.

Stacy got her start in wrestling with WCW after winning the Nitro Girl Search in late 1999. Upon entering the WCW she had an identity crisis for a while. As a Nitro girl her named change from Sky to Skye. Unfortunately for her the times were changeing in the WCW. Stacy then begain to appearing as Miss.Handcock-a secretary for "Standards & Practices" with clipboard in hand takeing notes on the matches. Again weeks later her name was once again change from Miss Handcock to Ms.Hancock. After WCW folded it look like the leggy Stacy Keibler was going to head back to school. But in a shocking move Stacy showed up on June 14,2001 on Smackdown on the arm of none other than the new owner of WCW Shane McMahon. Since that time Stacy has gone from teaming up with Torrie Wilson in tag team action to becomeing The Dudley Boyz valet. Stacy's union with The Dudley Boyz as "The Duchess of Dudleyville" has since ended when Stacy was the victim of a brutal attack by Bubba Ray Dudley on RAW. After their match Bubba Ray Dudley put Stacy threw a table stateing that Stacy had couse them to lose the match. Since leaving the Dudley, Stacy has now been handed the job of assistant to one Mr.Vince McMahon. Since Mr Mcmahon left Smackdown and few weeks ago and named Stephaine McMahon the new gm. Stacy once again was handed the job of assistant to a McMahon this time that McMahon beening Stephaine. After turning on Stephanie and helping out Eric Bischoff, Stacy made her debut on Raw on 8/12. Stacy has even kept her relationships in house: having alleged flings with Ric "Nature Boy" Flair and currently with Andrew Martin, a.k.a. "Test." Whatever she does, we hope she maximizes her exposure so that men worldwide can fully appreciate the extent of Stacy's talents.
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