Introduction to Partnerships in Scouting

September 2006

Scouting does not exist in isolation; it is part of the community and it needs to work in partnership with others, from individuals to organizations and institutions at local, national and world levels' (The Strategy for Scouting).

In 1994, a Charter on Partnerships was agreed in Marrakech -called The Marrakech Charter.

In 2005 The Marrakech Charter was revised and renamed into The Marrakech Charter (Bangalore Revised Edition).

The new Charter provides a framework for all partnerships in Scouting and it covers the following topics:

Definition of Partnership in Scouting

1. Partnership and the Youth Programme
2. Partnership and the Youth Exchanges
3. Partnership in the Area of Adult Resources
4. Partnership and Material and Financial Resources
5. Multilateral Partnerships
6. Partnership and Emergency Relief
7. Partnership Agreement

These web-pages support this Charter by providing information, resources, tools, examples, links to other web-sites and the text of the Charter in English and French.

The web-pages are managed by the staff of the World Scout Bureau who support the work on partnerships (Strategic Priority 7) in consultation with the members of the North/South Network of the European Region.

The web-pages are designed to support Scouts, locally and nationally, to develop partnerships in the spirit of the Marrakech Charter. Many of the resources come from associations which are working in partnership with others.

The text of the resources may be in languages other than French and English but a short summary in French or English will be provided.

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