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The Shape of Thinx

This website consists of projects made by Brian Trepanier,
a drummer who lives in Vancouver BC Canada

click HERE to watch Los Fantasticos, live, May 12th 2007, WISE Hall, Vancouver Canada

sPunk is a cover band project I am currently drumming in. bands and freeform projects Brian Trepanier has played drums with

VT VT Bang Bang: Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui's manifesto

Britney Spears Burger King Commercial

Saddam shame, but what can you do?

Red Fizz, a Vancouver Canada all-girl rock band performing October 21st, 2006. Second jam with a cover tune band, September 29th 2006. Duck Nukem: 4 Feathers for Doom 3 Click here to download Doom 3 Chess. Requires Doom 3.  4 megs ZIP Click here for Doom 3 and Quake 4 video tutorials. Click here to download scary stories! 41k ZIP Click to download the Daikatana 2 expansion pack Crucifix of Shit. Requires Doom 3. Cabin Fever, a short film about relationships, in streaming Flash format The Sassy Senior, a family animation in streaming Flash format Passion of the Christ 2, in streaming Flash format The Dawn of Eve, my first 3d animation. Tribute to the greatest daredevil of all time, Evel Knievel. God visits Science World. The Way Death Works. download Free 3d Models

5 Billion Monsters animation 450k RealMedia

Thingk, Ltd.