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Cross River Tram consultation Consulting the community on CRT The route options consultation for the Cross River Tram has now closed

If you would like to contact the Cross River Tram communications team please email or call 0800 234 6004

How were the route options for consultation been identified?

TfL looked at lots of options along the route with the five central boroughs and Cross River Partnership, only moving forward with those that are viable and can be delivered. We looked particularly at opportunities for interchanging with Underground, train and bus stations and how well the route connected local amenities and services.

The proposed routes were examined to determine the transport benefits that each would offer. Each route was also examined to assess the effect on residents and traffic on and near to the route. The route options that are now being consulted on are those that meet these criteria and can be delivered economically.

Consultation documents - note that consultation has now closed

Download CRT main brochure (PDF 651KB) - Opens in a new window

The proposed Cross River Tram is a big scheme which runs through four boroughs. The entire route was divided into five sections as follows;

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