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Virgil's Diary Pictures

23 Feb 2003

22 Feb 2003

21 Feb 2003

20 Feb 2003

19 Feb 2003

18 Feb 2003

17 Feb 2003

16 Feb 2003

15 Feb 2003

14 Feb 2003

13 Feb 2003

12 Feb 2003

11 Feb 2003

10 Feb 2003

09 Feb 2003

08 Feb 2003

07 Feb 2003


06 Feb 2003

05 Feb 2003

04 Feb 2003

03 Feb 2003

02 Feb 2003


Reader Comments about this page
11:20PM 29-Mar-03: Felix Cameron: This page offers fantastic visual insights and views into the family life! A true pleasure!

11:23PM 29-Mar-03: John Cameron: Thanks Felix - I made it myself :-)))

2:03PM 1-May-03: Janine: What a treasure!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO glad that I have found time to explore the offerings of Virgils Diary - it has been a real treat to view a few more of your photos Virgil. Looking forward to reading some of the essays when next time permits. Thanks for sharing your world.

1:42PM 16-May-03: Kenn Greenberg: My big brother Zaida alerted me of your great website Virgil...It gives my family the opportunity of keeping up with you guys! Keep up the good work! Much love Uncle Kenn

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