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About Virgil's Diary

Virgil's Diary is the homepage for the Cameron Family community. It is maintained by Virgil Cameron in Melbourne, Australia.

History of Virgil's Diary

Some of the original paper versions of Virgil's Diary.

Virgil’s Diary has been developed sporadically over the past 12 years as a childhood hobby. Over the years, it has provided family information, news and stories for the immediate Melbourne-based Cameron family and friends.

This latest incarnation of Virgil's Diary is designed to help share and distribute the wealth of knowledge that exists in our community. The website utilises the Internet’s unique ability to store, locate and transmit information.

Virgil's Diary contains family and mainstream news, feature stories, opinion articles and academic essays, primarily produced by the Cameron family but also by the wider community.

It also contains links to useful online resources, contact details for the worldwide Family community and information about the local Melbourne-based community and its international diaspora.

Don't have access to the Internet? Don't Worry!

We will endeavour to periodically produce Virgil's Diary in print format, incorporating relevant content taken from the online version. This will be distributed to friends and family as required.

If you would like to receive Virgil's Diary in print form, or you know someone else who does, then contact us to register your interest.

Email Services

We will also produce regular email updates, with recent news and useful information, to tell you when the website has been updated, and to link you to relevant new articles.

Please provide your email address to us if you would like to receive these email updates.

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