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Reader Comments about this page
11:05PM 19-Jul-03: jasminka: Enter your comment here...dear virgil,actually dear everybody who has made all this reading and viewing possible, You have given me this webaddress a while ago, but i have only managed to look at it now. i am speechless.(just as well i do not have to speak but i can write instead!!!)From now on I will refer anybody who thinks Steiner students are computer illiterate to your webpage. That should give them something to think about. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip to Italy. It will be easier for me to connect to this part of the world than exotic sounding Madagascar, which makes my mouth water( sorry that is the wrong metaphor, because i am vegetarian).Just reading JOhn's descriptions of nature there made me see all the wonderful colours and hear the music of the bush. love to you all jasminka

4:20PM 20-Aug-03: John Cameron: Thankyou Jasminka. Reading comments like that make us want to keep making Virgil's Diary.

4:09AM 22-Aug-03: Virgil Cameron: John! This NEW FEATURE of Virgil's Diary is Fantastic! Now we are able to view all the most recent comments that have been added to pages within the website. Thanks to John Cameron for building this fantastic new feature!

9:30PM 3-Sep-03: Felix Cameron: Virgil I LOVE the new style - very intuitive! keep up the good work!

11:41PM 17-Sep-03: John Cameron: Aoccdrnig to rseearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in what oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod. I thought I would test this theory and write a little bit of software to prove it. Have a look at it by clicking here

7:45AM 17-Nov-03: mooch: maria and virgil how are you? are you having fun in MALMO city?i am still trying to relax and get used to the greek reality but my thoughts are always with you! a lot of kisses and happy birthday to ANDREA today!i miss you a lot but i know we will see each other soon!

5:58AM 18-Nov-03: Aurelia: Hello everyone! Iīve been following this web-page the last few months. It is so nice to look at all your reports and all the pictures! I get always very happy when I see your smiles in your faces! This is a really good web-page! Congratulations! ;o) How are your exams going, Felix?!? Good luck!

10:57AM 24-Nov-03: josue: Hi Virgil!i donīt know if you remember me.iīm Andreaīs my poor vocabulary in english i want to congratulate you for this web site,and tell you that is so funny to see you,your sister,Jorge,etc. in the photos.see u!

11:15AM 7-Feb-04: Rach fran Sverige: Mia and Widge, I hope you had a wonderful time in San Fran, and that you are enjoying easing your way back home by way of lovely New Zealand! All, and I mean ALL my love!

9:36PM 11-Feb-04: Ewan: Where in the world is Virgil Cameron? 'tis a mystery to all.... Hey by the way, Virgil and Maria, you guys were awesome house guests. We had a lot of fun with you two and you're always welcome back. Hopefully your trip home has gone well. The gangs wondering about you back here in ol' Oslo. Drop us a line when you get the chance. -Ewan.

8:16AM 26-Mar-04: ANGELICA!!!!!!!: It is me!!!!!!! I am at a free internet stand in the hot, humid, sticky Singapore iarport. I guess i just made it sound not very nice, but it isn't so was just a suprise to find this kind of weather after leaving Melbourne in the midle of a mild breezy night. Enough about the weather... My first flight has been good, thankyou all so much for the wonderful messages and letters you wrote for me, Mum i have saved my letter from you for the next flight, and i have been making my way slowly through all the beautiful love filled pages of my journal book. Dad, my eyes are as wide open as i can keep them, considering it is 10 past nine Melbourne time, and here it is 10 past 6, and i havent had more than about an hour of disturbed sleep... No rea; culture shock has hit me yet, but im sure that will come later, in Hanoi. Here in this huge internationgal airport, i am well sheltered from the outside world, consumerism is constantly in my face, but all i have bought so far is a few more batteries for the digital camera, to ensure a good lot of pictures to put here on Virgils diary! The worlsd is truly my oyster. :) It is strange to think that right now, all my friends are sitting down to a prack in Trish's chemistry class, while i am here, a quarter of the way around the world. i love you all very much, as you well know, and could somebody please make sure that those family members without internet access are given a copy of this to read! with love, and untill I write again, Angelica

9:20AM 26-Mar-04: Angelica again: Just to let you know, I will be here in Singapore, with internet access for a few more hours...till about 1pm Melbourne time, on the 26th of March, so if you want to make a comment straight away, i can read it! i hope virgil will transfer this message to the start of a new section on Virgils diary called "BIG WORLD, LITTLE JELLY" Where you can follow my progress around the world! ( this is coming soon)hint hint virgil? :)

10:53AM 26-Mar-04: Virgil: Hello dear Jelly!! Thanks for such a lvoely update so early in your trip! We are all thinking of you and wondering what you are up to every moment of the day. It is a beautiful cool day in Melbourne, and the sun is shining. I received your emails as well, so thanks for them. Looking forward to hearing from you again! Love from Virgil

11:15AM 26-Mar-04: Angelica: Thanks for the response. It is good to hear you got all the messages i sent. Soon i will board my flight to Hanoi, and if all goes to plan, Miho and Neha will be waiting there for me! bye :)

8:51PM 26-Mar-04: Lee Cameron : It's fantastic to read your news Jelly, as you head off into the big world so confidently. Thank you for the beautiful note you left us darling. Enjoy your plane letter . I had such a nice talk with Alie last night. What a lovely girl she is. Good luck and Bon Voyage from your Muttie.

8:54PM 2-Apr-04: Angelica Cameron: Hey thanks Mutti. The letter was great! Some of the things i faced took a lot of courage, and knowing that everybody could believe in me helped me through. Virgil, please welcome Julie to Austrlia FROM ME! woo hoo you must both be so happy! In about 13 hours i will be in my new home, and i will check my emails, i would love any news frmo you all!

5:50PM 27-Jul-04: Anusuya: Hi Virgil, Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. How are you? What are you up to these days? Where are you? I sent you an e-mail recently but it was returned?!? Hope everything is going well for you. Much love, Suya, xoxoxox.

4:10AM 12-Sep-04: marina mooch: dear virgil hi!its me marina from malmo city and i am trying to get in touch with your sister MARIA but with no luck..! if you talk with her tell her that i missed her a lot and i would be grateful if she could sent me her news. hope that everyone in hour family is ok! thanks, from greece

11:27AM 29-Oct-04: marianne henley: Hi Virgil, I love reading your diary. It's like being in touch with our family from all corners of the world. I don't feel so far away any more. I had a wonderful time at Steven and Francesca's wedding on the weekend. I would love to see the family more. I will endeavour to write something from Townsville to add to your diary to bring the Henley family into the frame. All our love, Maz, Matt, Evie and Simon.

5:48AM 15-Jun-05: Matthew Ogilvie: Congratulations Julie and Virgil!!!! Sending you the best of luck in your lives together all the way from London. The pictures reflect a beautiful celebration and i wish you all the best! Matt

8:49PM 25-Jul-05: Anusuya: Dearest Virgil and Julie, Congratulations. The pictures show a beautiful wedding. Best wishes to you both. And Happy Birthday to Virgil. Much love, Suya.

4:41PM 13-Nov-05: Ewan: Virgil, Looks like we've lost contact... I obviously missed a bunch. Congrats to you and Julie. Who would've thought? Well you were gaga for her. Good job man! Hope all else is well. Say hi to Julie and your sister. -Ewan

11:06AM 27-Nov-05: carol prichard: What a great looking baby congratulations to you both. Dennis and Carol

4:28PM 11-Oct-06: katie throssell: congratulations virgil and julie, i heard about your new baby from suya who is also in paris at the moment, so i checked the diary and there she is! what a beautiful little person, may she be blessed with a loving heart and a strong conscience. all the best, katie

6:14PM 18-Apr-07: Ventura: Check this site! They are really hot.Just look at them. - Girls of your dreams!

10:59AM 26-Apr-07: Thank You: Thank You

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