Welcome to Marine Hunters Social Gaming Community


Welcome to Marine Hunters Social Gaming Community

Welcome to the home of the Marine Hunters Social Gaming Community.

Over the coming days/weeks Marine Hunters is going to change. The final direction for Marine Hunters is un-yet discovered. A couple of things that will be around... 1) teamspeak 2) arcade games.

General News

Shoutbox moved!

At the present time shout box is now a chat box.


Posted by BlackMonday [A] at 01:15 PM | 26th-Apr-07

General News

Patch 1.25 is out

The 1.25 update is here!


The 1.25 update is here and we wanted to say “Thank You�  to all the players who visited the Beta servers and Forums to play and talk about the changes. Thanks to everyone who flew gunships, spammed APMs, and fired the SAAW at those gunships and transports so this update can continue the trend of improving the Battlefield for everyone’s enjoyment. Here is the final change list for 1.25 which will be available starting at 5pm CET / 4pm GMT / 11am EST / 8am PST:

    * Fixed PAC Titan geometry exploit: Players may no longer sink into the hull of the PAC titan to freely attack defenders, consoles and the core.
    * Fixed EU Titan geometry exploit: Players may no longer sink into the hull of the EU Titan to freely attack defenders, consoles and the core.
    * Fixed Squad Leader Drone bug: The spawn placement of the SL drone has been raised to prevent instances where the drone would kill the Squad Leader.
    * APM Tuning: The detection radius for Anti-Personnel Mines has been reduced. Players will need to walk much closer to APMs in order to set them off. The blast radius of the APM has also been decreased.
    * Fixed radar grenade bug: The bug which caused the radar grenade to sometimes not appear on players’ mini-map has been fixed.
    * Fixed Bridge at Remagen Exploit: Players will no longer be able to move inside the west facing slope on the bridge.
    * Moding addition: Editing for ‘Physics. AirDensityZeroAtHeight’ has been added.
    * Moding addition: The command ‘object.listObjectsofTemplate’ has been re-added to the rcon_invoke command list.
    * Improved SAAW missile tracking: The SAAW will now consistently track all airborne targets. The missiles still require visual lock to be maintained in order to seek targets.
    * SAAW Missile damage increase: SAAW Damage per missile has been slightly increased.
    * Improved Gunship missile tracking: The Gunship missiles will now correctly track all other airborne targets. Please note that the missile behavior when fired at ground targets is unchanged
    * Improved Gunship Gunner Cannon: The projectile speed and damage for the gunner position cannon has been increased for both gunships.
    * Static AA missile tracking improvement: The EMP missiles fired from the static AA has been improved to properly track when locked on to enemy ships.
    * Static AA Missile lock on range decreased: The range which static AA may lock onto ships has been reduced to allow ships ‘spaces of safety’ around the maps.
    * Fixed Gunship and Transport Ship Active Defense: A tail section for each of these ships was not properly covered by active defense. This has been corrected to fully protect all ships. Please note that the visual effect for active defense has not changed.
    * Gunship TV Missile Adjustment: Damage for Gunship TV guided missiles has been slightly increased
    * Fixed fence exploit: Bullet deviation has been added to all fences to prevent a game play exploit. Please note that players behind fences will be more difficult to hit at medium-long ranges due to this change
    * Duplicate CD- Key issue: Changes to the CD key check to help prevent issues where players receive a duplicate cd-key error when joining servers.
    * LMG Adjustments: The Bianchi and Shuko have been normalized in their settling rates to correct a minor imbalance.
    * Automatic Drone adjustment: Health points for the Sentry Gun, Accipiter and Otus drones have been reduced.
    * Sentry Gun targeting adjustment: Sentry guns will now take slightly longer to fire on their targets. The sight range for the sentry has also been slightly reduced.
    * Fixed Medic Hub bug: Fixed a bug where players would occasionally receive a new medical hub immediately after it was deployed

Posted by {MH}-killerz666 at 04:39 PM | 24th-Apr-07

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