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KatsBits is all about game editing, whether that's just commentary on news from the games biz', tutorials on how to use Blender 3D to create terrain objects, articles on how not to get your butt whipped in Oblivion, hints and tips for Quake 4 editing using Radiant or downloading freely available textures, models and maps as well many tools and utilities which allow modders to get their creations into game.

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Latest Game & Editing NEWS!

Blender 2.44 released; ASE export script updated

Blender 2.44 has been released with a few enhancements over the previous version (full 64 bit version now also available). I held off a day or two on this news so some initial script checks to be made but, as always, check any scripts you need to run and make sure they work properly/like you expected them to. Goofos has already updated the ASE exporter to take the new changes into account, but if you encounter any problems drop me a line ASAP and we'll get it sorted out. Check the tools and utilities page for the latest version of the ASE export script.

Blender 2.44 released
Blender 2.44's Intro/Splash screen.
Posted on 17 May 2007 by kat
Wolfenstein 'style' concept art?

[update] PlanetWolfy had some news about an article on Yahoo and after a bit of investigation a news item video was found. More details in the forums.

We've not had anything related to Wolfenstein for a long time so these (speculative) concepts sketches come as a bit of a relief to Wolf fans worried about the silence.

A bit of history; the artwork you're about to see is by an artist that's done some concept work for Raven before (the developers behind the upcoming Wolf), you'll see a lot of his previous work for Quake 4 on his site. These Wolf concepts are more than likely 'dead' ideas which haven't made it into the game, which is why they should have been cleared for public showing (if not I'll pull these and the links as and when); but they definitely give a clear idea as to the art direction and style of what we can expect. You can see the rest of them at his web site. NOTE : keep in mind this is not confirmed artwork so think of them as 'speculative' visuals for the game; this is the artist just pimping his skills;

Wolfenstein concept work perhaps?
Posted on 12 May 2007 by kat
Games accessibility for all

Just got this rather interesting bit of news through; an short documentary about games and accessibility for the disabled. The chap behind the Doom 3 [CC] (closed caption) mod is interviewed in this; definitely worth watching if you've ever thought about how we interface with games generally (Wii controller anyone?) and how restrictive controllers can be.

Posted on 11 May 2007 by kat
TUTORIAL - brush terrain & megatexture

Although Mega Texture doesn't actually use brushes for the terrain itself that doesn't mean a 'traditional' brush based terrain entity can't be used in the production process, in fact, doing so may make it easier to make a Mega Texture terrain.

A new tutorial has just been added to the tutorial list answers a few questions and walks through the process of how you can indeed use brush based terrain objects for Mega Texture terrain (in the upcoming Quake Wars).

So 'yes', you can use GTK Radiant and other terrain editing tools to build a terrain for use with Mega Texture.

The tutorial also includes some short video clips showing the process as well as the usual images and text to read through. You'll be making Mega Texture terrain before you know it, and that's before the game comes out, well, the mesh part anyway!

MegaTexture and brush based terrain
Brush terrain section to be used with Mega Texture
Posted on 10 May 2007 by kat
Picture of the Day at PlanetQuake

Kats Klorr made Picture of the Day over at PlanetQuake.

Kats Klorr PlanetQuake picture of the day
Kats Klorr on the home page of PlanetQuake
Kats Klorr PlanetQuake picture of the day
Picture of the Day page
Posted on 08 May 2007 by kat

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